Here is the mystery to the big chicken case. I think I got pranked.

What an amazing April Fools trick. I am all about a good laugh, especially when it comes at my expense. The funny thing is, I just answered the text messages with “they are gone.” It’s to hard to explain that I don’t have chickens and somebody is playing tricks.

Dumb Craigslist…I am offering a $25 dollar reward if anyone can tell me who posted this add. I am also looking for a partner to get into the chicken business. I never thought there would be such a high demand. 🙂

Another text just came in…This is going to be a long night.

April 1st 2015

The drama continues.

I showed up at my office around 8:00 and found this:


So obviously somebody has gone through a lot of trouble but the joke doesn’t stop there. At 12:00 I got a delivery from Chick-fil-a. It was a 6 piece chicken nugget. Finally something that I would appreciate. Now I am almost certain that the is being pulled off by somebody in the office, but I just can’t figure out who.

Here is the kicker.

At 3:00 I noticed we had a delivery and I have been waiting for some Basketball shoes from Adidas. Could it be them?


It was a chicken.


Mind you this came from the UPS guy. His name is Doug and he is a nice chicken.


If you are totally confused on what is going on right now, you might have missed the email. It’s below

Happy April Fools Day. Now go do this to your favorite in-law.

[The Email]

It all started with the Chickens

4:30 pm I get a simple little text that says… “What color is your Roster?”

Weird right?

4:38 pm I get another text that says… “I am ready to come pick up your chickens.”

Now things are getting a little interesting, but it doesn’t stop there. My phone starts getting call after call from people asking for free chickens.

We just passed 9:40 pm and another 3 text messages from people asking for free chickens just hit the inbox. That makes it a total of 14 text messages, 6 voice mails and 7 calls.

Can you guess what happened?