I LIED! Number 7 did not surprise me, but I bet you wanted to know what it was! The power of headlines, y’all!

I’m sure most of our more “advanced” marketing readers know how important headlines are, but maybe some of you newbies don’t so lemme tell you, they are SUPER IMPORTANT. Like the most important thing.

Your content might be witty and amazing and full of important useful information, but if you don’t have a good headline, no one is going to click on it and read your awesome content.

Your headline is just like your subject line in an email. How are you going to get someone interested in opening your email? How are you going to get people to click on your headline and read your article? It’s psychology, Holmes. most popular headlines yinc

So what does your headline need to do? It really depends on your product and service you are providing to your clients. We like to inject dopamine or cortisol to our clients. Either give them something that makes them stir and want to know more, or give them something that reminds them that they have a problem and they need to fix it ASAP.

Are you a financial service? You might want to go the cortisol route. Add a little stress to your readers about how they probably aren’t doing so hot with their money. They will want to read what tips and tricks you have for them and how they can get back on track with their bills, or investing and preparing for the future.

Are you a food company? Inject dopamine. People love food. Make them need to read that article because you’ve now got them salivating from your headline. Or use a bit of shock and curiosity. Something along the lines of “10 ‘health’ foods that actually cause weight gain. I couldn’t believe number 4.” I don’t know about you, but I CONSTANTLY click on those. I always want to know what number 4 is.

I did a little research and here’s a list of some of the best headlines . Maybe some will relate to you, maybe some wont, but at least you’ll understand what’s being clicked on. If you can take these and apply them to your articles…more power to you!

  1. “They laughed when I sat down at the piano – but then I started to play!”
  2. They grinned when the waiter spoke to me in French – but their laughter changed to amazement at my reply.
  3. Do you make these mistakes in English?
  4. Can You Spot These 10 Decorating Sins?
  5. How a “fool stunt” made me a star salesman
  6. How a strange accident saved me from baldness
  7. Who else wants a screen star figure?
  8. Who else wants a lighter cake – in half the mixing time?
  9. Free to brides – $2 to others
  10. Free to high school teachers – $6 to others
  11. Announcing the new Ford cars for (year)
  12. Are You Ashamed of Smells In Your Home?

Think about your audience. Who is it? What do they want, no what do they NEED? You obviously are in the field that you are in because there was a need that needed to be filled, so remember that. You should know your audience pretty intimately by now, knowing what they like and don’t like, what they need, what information they like to read from you, and more…so remember that when you create a headline. You customer needs you and your information. And you want to give it to them. How are you going to make sure they get it?