Did you know that there are 5 Ways Scriptwriters, Marketers, and Advertisers Control Your Life And You Don’t Even Know It?

Scriptwriting and advertising is an art. Some are born with it, but most are not. You are about to learn why and how you can control the masses.

Have you ever wanted something so bad that it is all you can think about until you get it? This is common we all do.

Copy Writers know this and the good ones know the right way to structure their material to have you in full pursuit mode. You are basically eating out of their hands and you don’t even know it.

As for bad copy writers and marketers…They do not have a clue how to turn on the switch.

This goes for advertisers and marketers too. They can manipulate you to buy stuff that may or may not harm you.

For example

We all know that smoking can kill you and every smoker wishes they can quit, but the doesn’t stop them; nor does it stop cigarette companies. There is so much more going on behind the scenes. You’re being controlled a bit.

Have you ever wondered why you buy a certain product or service only to regret it a couple of days later? Or lets say you want a car and finally the day comes that you can afford it. For months every time you saw that car on the road something inside of you screams, “I want it, got to have it!” Then the day comes for you to finally pick it up. You wake up all excited because you are finally able to fulfill your desire yet within a couple of week the happiness has worn off and you are looking for your next big purchase. For some this is an addiction.

Do you ever wonder why two grown men with fight like little boys to get the girl?

Or do you wonder why you continue to do things that harm yourself like drugs, cheating, alcohol, overeating, sugar etc.

Here is your answer:

Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins, and CortisolHappy Chemicals

The first 4 are happy drugs and the last one is not.

Let me explain.

We are going to use me for an example. I love massages and for the past 20 months I have received a lot of them. Vegas, Florida, Mexico, California, Arizona, Bahamas, Utah are a few of the places. I have gotten them at high-end spas, to dumps that are infested with diseases—or at least they look like they are.

Black women, white women, Asians, Mexican, Brazilians, old and young ladies have all had the opportunity to massage these bulging muscles.

Lucky them… (sorry, guys are not allowed)

Why do I like them so much?Happy Survival Motive

I just figured this out the other day. It is nothing but a huge chemical injection for me.

Think about

1. Dopamine kicks in and tells me that I need a massage. My body starts to crave it, so I start looking for a place or a therapist. I am now on the hunt, and the anticipation of getting a massage just releases more Dopamine. The sketchier the more Dopamine. (These are therapeutic only. I repeat Therapeutic only)

2. Once I get there and start to relax, dopamine is gone but the oxytocin and serotonin kicks in.

3. If it is a horrible massage, or the massage lady stinks, then I am so let down and I swear off massages for the month. Only to have the craving for another massage come a week later. What the crap? I’m way more discipline than this!

It is a vicious cycle that costs me a lot of money. The same goes with smokers.

1. They crave a cigarette and have a need. Dopamine is screaming at them

2. They go outside and start to smoke with another person who has that same problem

3. Oxytocin is released.

Here is the thing with smokers. A lot of times it is not the cigarette that they are addicted to, it’s the social aspect of smoking. (Oxytocin)

Smokers all belong to a club and can enjoy a nice smoke together, even if they are total strangers. They feel part of something, which is a need most of us have.

I’m telling you…this stuff is powerful!
So what does it have to do with writers and advertisers?

Think about it.

Chemicals control everything we do. It is all part of the genetic code and it is what keeps us alive. Scriptwriters know this, or at least the good ones do.

Dopamine – keeps you seeking what your body needs or craves.

Oxytocin – loves safety, touch and interaction with others. It’s the love drug.oxytocin

Serotonin – is the security of social dominance and loves respect from others. Think billionaires who continue to want billions.

Endorphins – mask pain and hurt. (Marathon runners are addicted to endorphins otherwise known as the “runners high”)

Cortisol – Makes you depressed and causes bad feelings. It is also what causes stress. “Do something feeling”

So lets look at this from a writer’s perspective and how to really manipulate your audience.

Most scripts are written like this in this format.

1. Headline or introduction
2. Problem, peril, or pain
3. Solutions, resolutions
4. Call To Action or Happy Ending

Think about it this way: Lets use chemical control.

1. Dopamine
2. Cortisol
3. Dopamine and Cortisol Satisfaction
4. Serotonin, Oxytocin

Do you get it?

The best Scriptwriters, movie producers, and advertisers all love messing around with your chemicals.

First, they capture you with an amazing headline and they start laying out the problem. They want to hit you with Dopamine and then start injecting Cortisol.

You’re not good enough – you need this – your dreams will come true – be part of our group – everyone is doing it – your life is bad – this product will fix it – do you want to be loved – we can give you power – people will look up to you –

[xt_blockquote author=”Loretta Graziano Breuning”]“When your cortisol flows, it links the neurons active in your brain at that moment. This wires you to recognize those danger cues in the future. When you feel a cortisol alert, your brain looks for a way to make it stop.” [/xt_blockquote]

Take that last sentence and read it again. “When you feel a cortisol alert, your brain looks for a way to make it stop.”

So once a writer has injected Cortisol into your system they will then provide you with a solution. Their solution is a way for you to get Serotonin, Oxytocin and Dopamine back into your system.

Now doesn’t that feel so good?

How does this apply to your business? Take a look at your material and see if it is fulfilling a need of your audience. Does your product or service provide Serotonin? (A way for them to feel important) Apple is a great example. If you have an Apple product you are part of something.

Does your customer service and experience give them a jolt of Oxytocin?

Do they anticipate your next email or product? (Dopamine)

If they do not buy your product or service are you injecting them with a bit of Cortisol?

Find ways to use these happy chemicals and I promise you sales will increase and your customer retention will also improve.

Happy day…

Let’s go get a massage.

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5 Ways Scriptwriters, Marketers, and Advertisers Control Your Life And You Don’t Even Know It