YouTube is the second largest search engine.  Start using it correctly and win big this year.

ReelSEO posted how to properly set up a YouTube series. Here are the 10 ways you will win on YouTube according to them. 

1. Shareability

Make videos that connect to your audience on an emotional level. Give your videos value. Make sure they are related to topics that are important and people want to know about. Make sure they are something people are going to want to share with others. Something they find informative or funny, or better yet, both!

2.  Conversation

Internet users want conversation. Make sure you allow conversations, either on separate social media platforms or on your YouTube channel. Give users an area to talk about what they just watched or ask further questions. Make sure you can respond or others can answer their questions.  Make sure they feel heard and you’ll win their praise.

3. Interactivity

Be sure to give your viewers a voice. Ask them what they want. Do challenges they pose or informative videos based on what they would like to learn about from your company. This relates back to conversation. Give them a place to interact with you and then listen!  Develop a rapport with them.  Take a tip from Charlie Sheen today and start #winning with your audience.10-ways-to-win-with-youtube

4.  Consistency

Let viewers know what to expect and when to expect it. The most successful people put out videos once a week on the same day of the week.  Make sure you have a schedule in everything that you do with your company, your videos shouldn’t be any different. Make sure you have a consistent personality and voice in your videos. The same goes for formatting. Stay the same, or get better with your videos.

5.  Targeting

Make sure you are targeting and using YouTube analytics or a third party analytic platform. You need to be targeting viewers on a video-to-video as well as channel and show basis.

6.  Sustainability

This also goes with consistency. You need to be able to sustain certain levels within your videos. If you created a high quality with your first video, you don’t want your second video to look like someone recorded it off of an old iPhone. Make sure that you will have access to the same things or better things with your future videos.

7.  Discoverability

Your content must be searchable. You either need to focus on keywords that are popular right now, whatever is trending, or you need to focus on what are called “evergreen” terms. Evergreen terms are content that is always searchable and available to viewers. With the Internet saturated in videos, you need to make sure you are popping up first, and with the perfect keywords for your viewers and buyers.

8.  Accessibility

Each of your videos should be able to standalone outside of your series. The less context that is needed for each of your videos the more likely the viewers are going to come back. They will want to know what you have coming next week. They don’t want to have to go through your whole series to understand what you are talking about.

9.  Collaboration

Work with other content producers that are in your demographic if you can! You can gain new people that are interested in your product or company and you can cross promote. This can be a great thing to do with others, just make sure they are willing to promote you just as well. You want to make sure you will get just as much out of this as collaboration as they do.

10.  Inspiration

Be sure you are passionate about what you’re creating. It will help you keep up with the day to day menial tasks that we are forced to do. If you have a drive or passion for what you are doing, it will make these tasks seem less cumbersome and easier to do.

11. I’m adding in an eleventh.

Be authentic. Your audience will know if you aren’t being true to yourself. They are great at telling when someone is faking their way through something. So unless you are an Oscar winning actor, make sure you believe in what you are saying. Don’t endorse a product, opinion, or idea just because they are popular.


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