The “Bridegrooms” was attached to Manager William “Gunner” Mcgunnigles’s 1890 ballclub because seven of the players got married around the same time.

But that didn’t last.

Why would it? I would feel a little girly stepping onto the ball field being called the “Bridegrooms.” But that is just me.

So later on “Trolley Dodgers” was attached to Brooklyn ballclub.

Do you know why?

It was because of the complex maze of Trolley cars that weaved its way through the borough of Brooklyn.

You had to dodge them…

Later on in the 1890s they dropped the Trolley and kept “Dodgers.”

Kind of a crazy story right? I bet most of you had no idea that the Dodgers got their name from Trolley cars.

But that is their story, and Dodger fans love it.

My point is… There is power in your story.

Starting at a young age, we are “hard wired” to be persuaded by stories.

I can think of : “David and Goliath,” “The parable of the Sower,” “The Army of Heleman” etc.

Those are just a few stories that changed my life. I made decisions based off of the stories that I was told.

I guess that is my point.

If you are trying to convince someone to buy into your product, service or ideas, it is best to use a story… YOUR STORY!

Because behind everyone product or service, there is a story that needs to be told.

A story can take a take pesos from someone else’s pocket and put them in yours.

It can motivate you to do something or think in a certain way.

We love stories…

That is something we do at Ydraw. We are all about creating and telling stories.

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Have a great day!

How did the Dodgers get their name? The Dodgers got their name from the Trolley Cars. You had to dodge the Trolley Cars so hence the name of the Ball Club.