Use Instagram to your marketing benefit, without annoying your followers.

Instagram, we’ve all heard of it. Most of us probably use it. But we probably use it for personal use. We post pictures of our food and our workouts, and our cats and children, and our cats and our food…did I mention food and cats? You get the point.

But Instagram is a terrific platform for marketing. They don’t yet allow you to purchase ad space, but they are owned by Facebook…so, let’s all enjoy the time without ads while we can. There’s something great about not having ads on Instagram. It allows us to be more personal with our followers and our potential customers.

You know that anyone that is viewing or clicking on your picture or video is doing it because they want to. And interacting with them is so easy. If they comment or like your post, you return the favor. If they ask a question, you respond.

It’s great because you don’t get a lot of spam on Instagram. Sure you get a lot of people asking for F4F (follow for follow) or shout-outs or if you like 37 of my photos I’ll like 52 of yours back. But for the most part, people will only ask that of accounts that are personal and have thousands of fans. Not generally companies.

Showing your fans love is really easy on Instagram, and it makes you look like a fun company. I can’t tell you how many people make decisions on companies based on the presence they emit. You want to work with a company that looks like they have fun and who treats their employees well. Showcase this on Instagram.

Now for the real marketing on Instagram.

It’s all in the hashtags. Hashtag your posts. We’ve broken it all down in the guide (but like you were worried we didn’t…). Hashtags work as keywords. So anyone who searches for that tag will find your posts. It’s fantastic.  #yolo #workflow #moneymachine #dontusecrazylongsentencesthatpeoplehavetotrytodecodebecausenoonelooksforthisstuff

Not only hashtags, but also promotional codes or sales codes. These are great to give to your followers. Make them Instagram exclusive. It makes your followers feel special and it gives people incentive to become a follower of your Instagram.

Now we’ve broken this all down for you in another one of our epic marketing guides. You guess it, the Ultimate Instagram Marketing Guide.

Which is available to your, for free, because we love you, in PDF form, right here:

The Ultimate Instagram Marketing Guide

Now, as usual, we’ve also created a slide show for you lovelies to flip through instead of a massive (it’s not that big) PDF guide.


And of course, we’ve added in the Yinc famous infographic below.

Hopefully this helps your company grow your marketing techniques and gets you reaching a new clientele with Instagram.

And you can bet that as soon as they allow you to start purchasing ad space on Instagram, Yinc Marketing will be right there, figuring out the best way to advertise and giving you guys another free guide to get you on your marketing way.

Let us know if you have any questions, tips, or secrets to marketing with Instagram that we didn’t cover in our guide. We love learning new tricks.



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Courtesy of: Yinc Marketing