It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the big need for Landing Pages. A well designed landing page will increase your conversion rates which will lower your cost per lead. You should never start a marketing campaign without a couple of landing pages in place.

Ydraw, our other company, has basically created the home pages to be nothing but a big landing page. We get the best conversion rate by sending people directly to the home page.

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This is not always the case. Do not just send people to your home pages unless you have it designed as a landing page.

I am going to give you a short and condensed version of the how and why behind the perfect landing page. Lets first take a look at the how. The simple image below will show you a good structure of a landing page.

Simple Landing page structure

The idea is to have the following:

  • Headline (to grab attention)
  • Sub-headline (to give them a little taste of your product)
  • Video (to explain what you do and why it is important to them)
  • Signup Form (make them give you something)
  • Some Features (a little more info)
  • Offer (you give them something in return for their information)
  • Testimonials (social proof)

Pretty simple right?

When a user lands on your website or your landing page, you want to be in control of the interaction. Long gone are the days of information stuffing where you allow the user to just browse around your 5,000 pages of boring information. You need to remove all the extra links, so that the user only has one way to go.

The goal of your landing page is to collect enough information to contact the client. I like to get their name, company, website, phone, and email.

Don’t forget to simplify, simplify, simplify because simplicity is best.

With 50 links on your homepage, your attention ratio is 2% compared to 100% with a single CTA

Here are some landing page examples that we love!

Landing page example

Crazy Egg Landing pageThis is actually the home page of Crazy Egg.

They are some of the best in the business when it comes to internet marketing. I know it sound feels crazy to have nothing but a sign up form on your website, but I can guarantee Neil Patel (owner of Crazy Egg) would not be doing it unless it brought in more conversions. He is a testing freak.

IT man panorama landing page

Landing page by impact


Those just some samples. You do not need to copy them exactly. Just make sure you have the basics in place.  So to sum this all up, with the help of amazing landing pages you are able to capture more leads and convert them as well as give a nice simple place for your offers to live.  This allows customers to not be inundated with too much information and options which is shown to drive them away.  Limit their options and they are more likely to choose something.

Best of all, your landing pages let you know what information is actually making the conversions to sales.  By monitoring what pages are giving the best conversion results, you are able to determine what information customers are really persuaded by and what kind of people are converting, therefore upping your marketing knowledge.