Facebook Ads Can Make You Money Or Break The Bank. What is it going to be?

Yep it’s an important blog day in Jace Vernon’s land of marketing. I have been running more tests to see if Facebook Ads really can produce quality leads at a lower cost than Adwords, YouTube and Bing.

What makes this Blog so special?

And why should you care?

The answer:

Because I want to show you another way you can generate leads for your business. Another way for you to drive traffic, decrease your cost per acquisitions, which will eventually increase your profits and allow you to go on that Hawaii trip…

Or if you’re like me, get a couple massages a week.  🙂

We are going to do this all with Facebook Ads.

A couple months ago I shut down my Facebook advertising. I wasn’t that impressed with the results and I didn’t think Facebook was reporting the numbers accurately.

Their reporting was not matching up with the actual numbers. Meaning Facebook was telling me I had more traffic and a lot more conversions than what I actually had.

So I turned it off.

Couple weeks went by and one night I was on Facebook going through my Newsfeed and I, myself, clicked on 3 ads and signed up for a newsletter.

It worked on me.

That morning I decided I was going to give Facebook another shot, but I was going to be a little more strategic.

Because of everything I just mentioned, I have created a Facebook marketing Guide.

It’s Free and will explain all the details behind the numbers and what you can do to start generating Facebook leads.

So Here’s How to get it..

The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Advertising

There you have it.

Happy Facebook Marketing

Jace Vernon

P.S. If you need help with your marketing efforts do not hesitate to contact us. We can help apply all of our Market knowledge to your company. At Ydraw and Yinc we specialize in creating video and marketing those videos with YouTube Ads, Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Email Marketing campaigns. We have helped monster companies with their marketing efforts..

But, a word of warning.

We are not for everyone!

Although I wish we could be…


Side note:  Perhaps you don’t want to read a whole guide (although you should), here at Yinc, we get that.  So we created a slide show for you types!


Maybe you’re that person that is like, no I don’t want to read this, or flip through that either!  I don’t want to have to search for that one line of wording that I forgot.  Well not to fear, we have an infographic for you more visual types!  Go ahead and save this bad boy to your computer to reference over and over.  You’re welcome.
Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide Infographic

Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide Infographic by Yinc

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Courtesy of: Yinc Marketing