I have been harping on my office to finish our new blackboard animation videoThey say that they have been busy, but I’m not buying it. After days of torture, I can finally say that our blackboard videos are ready for production. Check it out.

Blackboard Video Process

So, now that you are completely blown away with that video, how did we make it?  Well, breaking down the steps makes it sound pretty easy, but don’t be fooled, it takes a lot of time, effort, and talent to create a video, let alone one that is as good of quality as the Ydraw team makes.

Start with the script.  If you don’t know what you’re going to be saying, you don’t know what it is that needs to be drawn.  Here at Ydraw we have a whole crew of talented and professional writers who not only work for you, they work with you.  They will work tirelessly to revise  script after script to make sure you have the best possible version for your company or product.

Now, you’ll want a pro for the writing.  Why, you ask?  Well, because our writers don’t just write for their job, they write because they are passionate about it.  Here at Ydraw we only hire pros and our writers truly are pros of their trade.  You want quality for you product, don’t you?

Next you’ll need an artist.  You’ve probably heard it before but our artists at Ydraw have over 20 years in the business and have worked for companies like Disney, Marvel, and Cartoon Network.  Their creative genius is off the charts.  When creating a blackboard animation video, you will receive samples of the art, just like the script, so you are able to decide what you like and don’t like for your company or product.

Once again, you’ll want a pro for this.  I mean, this is the meat and potatoes of your video; you can’t afford to slack on this.  You want to keep the audience interested all the way through your video; professional artists know exactly what to include to keep the audience’s attention from swaying.

Now it’s time for production.  We set up our camera and let the artist get to work.  This process is recorded all in one sitting, and while the video only ends up being a few short minutes, the artist will sit for hours making sure that your drawings are the best quality.

After recording the art, you need a voiceover.  Make sure you get a professional for this.  Voice over artists get into the business because of one reason, they are good at voices.  They can keep the tone of the message and they know how to keep from “popping those Ps” or breathing into the microphone.  No one wants to hear that.

Finally, our amazing editors but it all together, making sure the voice over matches up with our video length, adding in Foley sounds or music to add dimension, and making sure all of our colors pop and our blacks and whites can be the perfect shade.

And that all folks!  That’s how we here at Ydraw created the first blackboard animation video.

Blackboard Video Images

 Blackboard Video Pricing

If you’re interested in your own blackboard video, our pricing is the same as our whiteboard animation videos.  For more information about Ydraw pricing, click here.