5 best marketing website in 2014

It’s time I reveal the best marketing websites that I use daily. These are some top secret sites so use them and abuse them. The best marketing websites of 2014 will help you grow your business, increase your website traffic, get leads, and improve your online marketing campaigns.

In order to make my list, you have to give out something of value, meaning you can take the information provided and apply it immediately to your business.

1. Facebook Marketing Expert Jon Loomer


It is pretty hard to beat this guy when it comes to Facebook Marketing. Jon Loomer spends most of his days researching the latest and greatest trends in Facebook. I encourage you to use his ideas and apply it to your Facebook marketing campaigns. If you are reading this Jon, we appreciate your knowledge.

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2.  Google Ads Center


When it comes to creating Adwords campaigns or dealing with YouTube video ads, it is best to go directly to the person who makes the rules. We love using all the different material and education that google provides. Are you running ads with Google? You should be. Here is another little guide that I will use when setting up a new campaign. It is like a big checklist.


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3. Quicksprout


If you are looking for some of the best information on Website SEO, this is the place to go. Neil Patel spends a large sum of money on creating content that provides a lot of value. His guides alone are worth a lot of money to you, and you can get them for free. I will warn you that he will bombard you with emails, but that is a small price to pay for the education you get.

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4. Predictable Revenue


Predictable Revenue is a great site if you are looking to start an outbound marketing campaign. Aaron Ross provides free education material and guides on way to implement an outbound marketing campaign. He has some great ideas, so check out the site.

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5. YouTube


Yes I know this is very original, but I have started two companies with the education I get from YouTube. If there is information you are needing, you will find it on YouTube.
+Jace Vernon