I have been in business for 10 years and I have found one simple secret to running 3 multi-million dollar businesses. I am going to give you that secret a little later on, but I want to discuss a couple of things first.

I have to confess, my businesses are not perfect. There is nothing that frustrates me more than losing a client. We have lost our fair share because we did not perform. We were not able to do what we said we were going to do.

Did we give it our best shot?

Of course we did.

But the reality was, our best shot was not good enough. The service we provided did not get results. Leads did not come in and sales did not go up.

I have to admit that some of them did not have the best product. A great product is critical for success, but it is still not the number one thing.

Because of our failures, the client have had to shut their doors.

Just the other day I received a phone call from a business desperate to make sales. I talked with him about his product and discovered that he was failing to create the one thing that matters.

He has also come to the conclusion that if things do not change quickly his business venture will become part of the statistic.

So what is the #1 reason businesses fail?

Lack of Leads.

Companies are in business to make a profit, and can only make a profit if they provide the products and services that their customers demand. Meeting these demands means that they are able to generate revenue to keep business going and to even expand it. This is where generating sales leads comes in, because if companies are not bringing in new customers, then they will not be able to grow and will, instead, begin to stagnate.

Qualified leads are the foundation of any business especially in the beginning stages.

Here is how you generate a lead.

Let’s say you have product or service that is really good or at least you think it is. The market will solidify your thinking over time, but until you make enough sales you really do not know if you product or service is any good.

There comes a point, where a good product will have enough traction to generate sales automatically. But, to get there, you have to craft the perfect message and then deliver that message to the right audience.

If they are interested they will call, buy, or leave their contact info. That is a lead. Someone who has heard your message and is interested in what you have to offer.

Without leads, a sales team cannot be successful. Therefore, generating good leads is just as important as refining your pitch or closing well.

A lead has the potential to turn into a sale, which will turn into cash. Without cash you can’t pay your bills.

So, what can you do to produce more leads?

Here at Yinc our job is to produce leads. We have systems in place that generate leads on demand for most businesses. It’s a process, but when you have 500 leads a week coming into your sales force, good things happen.

Our top 4 sources of lead generation.

1. YouTube In-Stream and In-Display ads

YouTube is a great source of leads as long as you create a compelling video and be strategic in your ads spend. We pay around 12 cents a view and a view is only counted if the viewer watches past 30 seconds.

2. Gmail Video Ads

Eighty-one percent of shoppers conduct online research before they make a purchase. Sixty percent begin by using a search engine to find the products they want, and 61 percent will read product reviews before making any purchase. On average, a consumer will visit three stores before making their purchase.

Consumers love to research and shop. Which mean that Gmail can serve up ADS to those who are looking for your product or service. We like to target our competitors keywords and websites within gmail account. This can be a very effective for most businesses.

3. Video Remarketing

When a future buyer watches your video or visits your website, you will want to retarget them. That mean you will want to serve them up other video ads and banner ads for a couple of days. Amazon does it, and so should you.

4. Facebook and Instagram Video Ads

There is huge potential with Facebook and Instagram. We have been able to take business with a $20 a day budget and drive them multiple leads. There are a whole combination of ads you can run with Facebook and Instagram. Try it!

Obviously, we have other avenues, but that is a great place to start.

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