He’s winning YouTube.

Jimmy Fallon recently took over the Tonight Show. Now I don’t actually mean super recently, but he’s definitely only a few years into the talk show biz. But what’s great is that he was given the show and has brought it back to its former glory. I give his days on Saturday Night Live the credit. They know how to write catchy short videos that are perfect for YouTube, think The Lonely Island.

This has allowed him to create some great video segments for his show which then go viral on the internet. One of the best bits that he has created are the lip synching competitions. These are great to watch, you don’t even have to see the actual show to appreciate these. Just check out his YouTube channel and you’ll spend hours on there watching celebrities fake sing to popular songs, and they just get crazier and crazier as they go.

My favorite is Emma Stone or Joseph Gordon-Levitt. If you haven’t seen them before, here you go.

These have become so popular that Spike even gave him a spin off TV show. It just premiered about a week ago and has some pretty amazing clips from it already. It’s hosted by LL Cool J.

He’s also started to have celebrities do other singers impressions. See Christina Aguilera do Britney Spears or Ariana Grande do a pretty good Celine Dion impression.

He created the “Ew” video which people can’t stop quoting. And he even started hashtag wars. We all know people loved to hashtag everything they do in their daily lives but Jimmy Fallon took advantage of this and now it’s hilarious to say ironic hashtags in real life. They don’t even posted it on social media but verbally say, “hashtag workflow,” or whatever else they feel like hashtagging.

So what can you learn from Jimmy Fallon? Everything.

Just visit his YouTube channel and search through it. This is how you should be creating your videos. They need to be funny, original, and serve a purpose to your audience. He has also created a video specifically aimed at the YouTube audience to subscribe to his channel.

Make your videos fun. Make them funny. Make them unique. Make them watchable. And make them shareable.