There is always interesting information that is floating around the internet regarding Business.  Just today I read and article that talked about what entrepreneurs go through to start a successful business.  I should even say successful because the majority of business fail, yet those people who run and operate failing businesses still have to go through the same testing period and successful companies.  They just do not get to see the actual light at the end of the tunnel.  Hey if you are running a business or think you may want to get into business…then listen up.  I am going to let you in on a couple of secrets about business.

1.  Business is not a matter of life or death:  Ok my office is probably laughing at me for even saying this.  Because I make them think that life is all about business and there is noting else.  The reality is Business for most people is all they got they have nothing better to go home to.

To Be Continued…..