Google Autocomplete Suggestions – A Great SEO Strategy

This is Your Lucky Day -Think Luxury – Think Miracle.

We have found a way for Google to suggest your Company’s name when people are searching for your keywords.

Lemme tell you a little bit about the way I came upon this new method for SEO.

There is a way to have Google Suggest your company when people are searching for your product or service. It is called Autocomplete. (There is a Video at the Bottom to Show you How it Works)

Before I jump into my story I will give you a couple of points

1. This Strategy does not require any work on your end
2. You do not need to make adjustments to your site or your tags
3. We will not be buying backlinks or using any type of spam techniques
4. One customer per industry. (we can’t have two companies competing)

About 5 months back I was on Google searching for some keywords. I immediately noticed that a certain company’s name was being autocompleted and suggested by Google. (I have to be pretty vague because of non-disclosures and to protect our clients) Immediately I started doing some research on Google Autocomplete to find out how I could help my clients. The benefits of this would be huge.

The first task was to figure out how Google Autosuggestion worked, the second task was to put into place the network. I didn’t make it far because I got tied up with other endeavors and put it on the backburner.

Life gets busy!

One day I got a call from a SEO company. They were pitching me the Autocomplete as a service. I knew it was working and the service would be very valuable.

“How Much,” I asked

“$6000 a month,” he said

*Click……..dial tone*

I didn’t actually hang up, I’m not like that, but I had zoned out. My brain had slammed that phone receiver down, big time.

I am all about asking a premium price for a premium service, however, I am not crazy. $72,000 a year on a service that has a 70% success rate is risky.

The insane thing is, people are taking this high pricetag risk.

Why is that?

Because it is so valuable.

That same week I got a call from an old friend who was doing the same thing. We teamed up…and the rest is history.

How the New Google Autocomplete Strategy works.

I’m going to show you how this all works

Bring up a new Google browser and type in the keyword you are competing for. You will see that Google offers suggestions before you’ve even finished typing.

Google Autosuggestions Keyword

Imagine if I typed in Real Estate Agent and it said “Real Estate Agent Keller Williams.” How happy would Keller Williams be and what kind of impact would that have on his traffic. (below is a photoshopped image, Keller Williams is not really there, but he COULD be!)

Google Autosuggestion Tool

Think about how often you use Autocomplete/Autosuggest. They say 20% of all searches will pick the top autocomplete.

If you are number one in autocomplete, the whole first page will fill up with your information. Which makes it even that more attractive. Even if you are in positions 2 through 4 your clicks are going to increase big time. More clicks, more eyes, more leads, all equal more sales.

Google Autosuggest

This is big!

Google AutoComplete can be manipulated because it is driven by search results.

This is not spam so do not worry.


In other words, you could get a huge amount of traffic, which would convert to leads and sales.

Waiting is a mistake. Do it now! (Trust me.)


Okay, here is a real life example:

Go to Google and type in heating mesa. This is what you will see this.

heating mesa autocomplete

There are 1 million searches for that term and look who is at the top, “heating mesa expert mechanical.” Let’s just say he has had a great month.

There are many more examples if you would like more proof.

Now, for all you doubters.

This is not spam and there are no guarantees. It will usually take about 3 months to start seeing some results. If you’re lucky it takes a couple of weeks. (for some it happens fast)

The determining factor is the volume of searches for your keyword.

We do have a 79% success rate. (much better than Vegas.)

This needs to become another piece in your SEO strategy puzzle.

  • Content Creation
  • Video Marketing
  • Link Building

And Now…

  • Autosuggestion.

Lets make it happen.

Your cost is $6001 a month…hahahah

Totally kidding. We have the network in place to make this happen for cheap.

I can only take one client per industry/keyword. You get to choose your top two keywords. Double the value because I’m so nice.

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