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If you’re like most of our customers, you struggle to get views, leads, customers and sales. You have a message or a delivery problem. We can help! Get started with a FREE Video Marketing Checklist.

“Jace and his companies has opened up a whole new world of business for me. The traffic is amazing ! They’re Ez to work with very personable has a small company feel with huge results. Honestly they saved my company from going under.”

—– Tony B

Create Your online marketing story

Discover Your Story

We work together to find the right message for your audience. Simplicity is key!

Find Your Target Audience

Find Your Target Audience

With our system, we are able to find where your target audience is located.

Deliver The message

Deliver The Message

We broadcast your story to the right audience with Video Ads and online marketing.


If your STORY does not connect with customers, your Online Marketing Campaign will fail.


Well, suppose you’re a business owner and you have a new product or service but have no idea how to explain it. Or you’re a marketing manager that is looking for a way to connect with your customers.

The pressure is on because you need results. How do you deliver the right message and place it directly in front of people who are looking for your product or service?

That is what we do! Our Video Marketing campaigns have a lot of moving parts, different softwares, and strategies, but let us worry about that. You just need the results! Get started with a video marketing proposal.


We work with business who need a digital marketing campaign. We use a combination of Your Story, YouTube, Facebook, Email and Adwords to generate traffic, leads, and customers.


YouTube Ads

YouTube provides an unlimited amount of viewers to put your product or service in front of. We use it, abuse it, and profit from it. You should too! learn more

Facebook Ads

Winning with Facebook comes down to your message and the right audience. We build audiences and target the right people with your Facebook Video Ads. learn more

Google Ads

How you can get an ROI on Google and PPC campaigns with video retargeting and gmail ads. learn more

Remarketing Ads

With remarketing we can bring your visitors back. Most website visitors do not become a customers on their first visit. You have to have multiple touches. We love remarketing video ads

**If you do not have a video, you need one. Our sister company Ydraw is one of the best in the world at creating animated videos. It’s important you get the right type of video that will deliver a message.**

YouTube Video Ads (Trueview ads)

Picture this! A future customer has a problem and you have the solution. They’re browsing around on YouTube and your VIDEO AD pops up. Immediately they click on your ad, visit your website, and become a customer. Sounds too simple right? It’s not. You can do this all day long with our YouTube Video Ads. And one other thing, you can play in front of your competitors videos… LEARN MORE

Facebook and Instagram Video Ads

With Facebook and Instagram we are able to target a specific audience by age, location, interests, job titles, behavior and more. The targeting options of Facebook are unlimited. Our job is to put your message in front of the right audience at the right time…LEARN MORE

The Problem and How We Fix It!

Obscurity is the #1 problem facing your business. If nobody knows about your product or service, how are they going to buy it? If nobody has heard your story how are you going to make sales.? We tell your story with video and spread the word using YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, PPC, and Email campaigns. Our Weird marketing formula works and we can prove it. Guaranteed!


We will send you a customized proposal plus a FREE gift, instant access to our Video Marketing University. You will love it!

Do you want to know what I love about our company? We show up, work hard, and do the absolute best we can to get results for all our clients. Online marketing is not easy, but we make it happen. We are always looking for our dream clients. If you are interested in our service, signup for a FREE consultation.

Jace Vernon

Owner, Marketing Hy




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