“If you do not accept this offer, the Dentist/Orthodontist down the street will. We Want To Fill Your Seats With More Patients!”

Our Marketing Formula uses Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to place your Practice in front of your target audience. Read on below or sign up for our 7-day trial.

Here is how it works.

Step 1: We Create a YouTube Channel, Google Places, Facebook Page and an Instagram Account for your practice. If you have them already, we will use yours. This is the foundation to our marketing machine.


Step 2: We brand our custom videos with your companies information and rank them in search engines. These video cost $7500 a piece to create. We love VIDEO and you will too. We will take our custom videos brand them for your practice, upload them to YouTube, and rank them on PAGE ONE of google. That is not all…You will get massive amounts of traffic with our Facebook and Instagram videos ads.

Step 3: Locate Your Target Audience. We will run ads in your local area (zip code) to a certain demographic. Example, would be… soccer moms located in San Diego between the ages of 35 to 45 who love shopping. (yes we can get that targeted)

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Step 4: Monitor the results. Once the system is in place we will monitor the ads and make sure you are getting results. Here is an example of an Instagram ad.

So far, things have been great. I feel like our $15.00 a day in Ads has really helped us. We have noticed a pick up in website traffic and patients. Thank you! You guys have been great to work with.

Jeff Robinson


What would a consistent flow of new patients & extra revenue do for your dental practice? The Orthodontist below received 68 website visitors and it cost him $25 dollars in ad spend. The system will work for you too.

Instagram ad results

See Our Results In The First 48 Hours Of Running Ads

48 Hour Results

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To Get Started Fill Out The Form. We Are That Confident!

Want to see what we can do for your practice?

At Yinc, our mission is to help Dental Practices move away from old techniques that do not work. That’s why we’re offering FREE 7 DAY TRAIL. — to show you how to do marketing the Yinc way.

As part of your trial, one of Yinc’s Marketing Specialists will evaluate your current website, videos, social media, and show you how you can get more traffic and leads. He or she will review your:

  • Social Media Pages
  • YouTube Channel
  • Calls-to-action
  • Website
  • Marketing material

If you’d like this FREE 7 DAY TRIAL, please fill out the form so that your Yinc Marketing Specialist has all the information he or she needs to review your website prior to your call.

It’s URGENT because we only take ONE Client per City!

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Watch the video and see how we set up a campaign.

A marketing campaign that will drive you leads and patients. It’s a full system that uses a Video, YouTube ads, Instagram ads, and Facebook all within your local area. We only accept one Dentist/Orthodontist per ZIP code. Don’t wait!