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YouTube, Facebook, and Adwords are some of the biggest and fastest growing advertising channels. Your in-house marketing team needs to not only be experts in each avenue, but also in converting each source of traffic through your sales funnel.

This course teaches the latest techniques for creating predictive revenue through the optimization of Facebook, YouTube, and Adwords campaigns. An in depth look on leveraging demographics, interests, geo-targeting, and behaviors to reach your buyers. Your team will walk way proficient at targeting your highest quality traffic. Every step of our training points to one thing – increasing more revenue for your company.


Graduates of this course will be able to create, manage and optimize large scale lead generation campaigns that convert. As a result, they will be able to:

  • Optimize Google Accounts (Youtube, Google Pages, etc)
  • Leverage Bing Webmaster
  • Leverage Google Adwords
  • Leverage Bing Adwords
  • Create Lead Nurture System (Aweber, Mail Chimp, Infusionsoft)
  • Optimize Website SEO (title tags, etc)
  • Test and Optimize Campaigns
  • Back Link Outreach
  • Social Media Posting
  • Create infographic guide
  • Optimize Email Marketing
  • Create 6 Email Sequence
  • Leverage Slideshare Marketing
  • Create Predictive Revenue


  • Rank Videos (YouTube, Google)
  • Set up Video Ad Campaigns
  • Leverage YouTube Marketing
  • Target Specific Audiences on YouTube
  • Target Specific Audiences on Facebook
  • Leverage Remarketing through Facebook
  • Leverage Remarketing through Adwords
  • Optimize Images (website, social)
  • Test and Optimize Campaigns
  • Leverage PPC campaigns
  • Keyword Research for Adwords
  • Optimize PPC campaigns
  • Run more efficient and profitable campaigns
  • Increase lead generation and create lead flow for company
  • Leverage Google Webmaster



We encourage those who have experience in marketing. Know the jive (CPC, conversion, pixels, etc…). We want to spend our time teaching our system, rather than educating on basic marketing principles and concepts. Even experienced marketers will learn something new they can leverage for better results!


    Jace Vernon

    Jace Vernon builds businesses. Fresh out of college he started his first business. Which grew into a multi-million dollar company. Mistakes were made and eventually it all ended in disaster. Lessons were learned and his philosophy needed to change. In one year he read 150 business books which propelled him into other ventures. Now he runs and operates 2 other companies, Ydraw, one of the world’s hottest explainer video companies, and Yinc, one of the fastest growing digital agencies. He has used Facebook marketing to generate revenue in his ventures. Jace loves to help others grow their business and is looking forward to meeting you.

      Wes Bledsoe

      The Facebook marketing guru who we just can’t seem to get rid of (inside joke). He loves online marketing and saw a large need for a marketing system that integrated social media and email campaigns. He came onboard to produce results and has. He runs the Facebook marketing campaigns for both our clients and for internal marketing. He eats, breaths, and dreams Facebook campaigns. We know it’s weird, but we like him!

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