If your marketing company is Dex Media, Yellow Pages (yp), Yodle, Reach, Yext, or Network Solutions, there’s a 95% chance you are being ripped off.

I am so tired of watching people get ripped off. It’s time someone does something about it.
Last year I met with a client that was paying their online marketing company $15,000 a month and the online marketing company was not doing anything. It was a total disaster which caused me to write a blog all about protecting yourself from shady SEO companies.

Since then, I have run into 10 other businesses that have fallen victim to companies like Dex Media, Yellow Pages, Yodle, Network Solutions, Reach Local, and more.

Here is how it goes:

Your business needs an online presence. Somehow you get contacted by one of the companies above. They promise you results and get you to sign a contract that could range from $500 to $10,000 a month.

The salesman’s goal is to get you to sign a contract, and then he can wash his hands.

Once you’re signed up and they collect payment, the scam begins. They will usually set up a mediocre Adwords campaign and start driving bogus leads. This is not their intention. The problem is in the system.

In order to run a successful online marketing campaign you need to dive into the clients business and spend a huge amount of time setting up a good campaign. It takes the following:

1. Daily or weekly monitoring
2. Quick adjustment when problems are discovered
3. Well designed landing pages and ads
4. Negative keywords research and adjustments

That is just the start.

The bad online marketing companies will get clicks, but not good ones. Your project manger is not doing the work that is necessary to succeed. They do not have sufficient time or skills to get results because they’re maintaining too many accounts.

If you are like most, you are dealing with a manager who doesn’t even know the person who creates the campaigns. All request get submitted to some guy who manages hundreds of different accounts.

One of my clients was paying $36,000 a year for YP to generate leads. After 3 months they got 2 quality phone calls. That comes out to $4500 per lead. Not good.

The Yellow Pages (YP) rep continued to claim that they would fix the issue. That there was no need to worry because the contract was based off of their performance. If they did not perform, the contract could be terminated. But when the client tried to cancel the service due to the lack of performance, they said they were bound by contract.

Kind of weird isn’t it?

This is the norm and and it shouldn’t be.

If you have questions about your online marketing company or you’re not getting the results you would like, let us take a look into your business. We can usually spot a scam within a couple of hours.

I feel bad bringing up other companies flaws, but I am also so tired of businesses spending outrageous amounts for zero results.

It does not have to be that way.

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don’t let this happen to you

“Terrible company. I advertised with YP for a couple of years up to 2015. The ROI is not there with YP marketing so I canceled in 2015. I recently started getting calls from them telling me they renewed my contract without my consent.” see more