Gunship Helicopters case study

How we took Gunship Helicopters from nothing to the hottest experience in Vegas

The Back Story

Gunship came to Marketing Hy looking for help. They had zero luck with former marketing companies and wanted results.

They are competing in Vegas in a competitive market.


The best thing about Gunship is that they have a product people love. They just didn’t have the right marketing campaign.

Gunship did not have access to their website, analytics, Google ads, or social media. This was a problem which forced us to start from the beginning. 


We were starting from the beginning.

The Opportunity

Marketing Hy started from the beginning.

• The website needed to be created
• Social media accounts had to be set up
• Gunship needed a huge amount of content to showcase their product.

The goal was to get 40 bookings per month.

The Creative Assets

The Website

Online marketing starts with the website and your message. We discover the ‘why’ behind your product or service. We created a new website for Gunship that is simple, clean, and showcases their product. 

The Video and YouTube Channel

Gunship Helicopters did have a YouTube channel with 1 video. We expanded their YouTube channel and created more videos. A lot of videos. We use videos for social media, remarketing campaigns, and YouTube campaigns.

What Works and The Traffic Generating Activity

At first, Facebook and Instagram brought in a large amount of traffic, but it was a constant battle and takes work to get some ads approved.

Facebook and Google don’t like certain industries. Guns are one of them.

While running ads we were able to work on their organic traffic. Organic traffic can take 6 to 12 months to see results. 

Here are some screenshots to show you the results.

If you want to see our posts and the content you can look at their social media accounts.

The Results

How are they doing now?

Gunship is still one of our favorite clients.

They had one of the best days ever just last week with 1,647 visitors to their website.

Their Instagram account has 7,353 followers with 340 posts. We will push it to 100K. All organic.

Marketing Hy was able to create a marketing ecosystem that is scalable and is getting results.

We have hit the ultimate goal!

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