James Garlimah Case Study

New Spotify Single Release With YouTube Campaign.

The Back Story

James Garlimah is on a mission to accomplish his goal of becoming one of the biggest artists in the world.

He is going after it one song at a time.

He came to us looking for the best way to spread his music. The goal of this campaign was to boost his recent song release and gain some exposure on Spotify.

Because we were going with a music video, it was different than your typical campaign.

We had James give us a list of 30 artists that were either similar to his music or inspired him, and went from there.

Using placements can be a great way to run a campaign, but it can also be difficult to get a feel for who your audience truly is. By running with these artists’ channels we were able to keep the genre that our audience listened to in the same field.

The Opportunity

Marketing Hy and James decided to do the following:

  • Build out two YouTube campaigns, one for leads and brand consideration, and test for best results
  • Move down to one primary campaign once it was clear which was more efficient
  • Use Jame’s music video to push people to the Spotify single
  • Get the lowest cost per click and conversion possible staying in campaign budget

The Creative Assets

“Breathe” Music Video

Because we were promoting a song, a solid video was the most important part of the puzzle.

Once we caught someone’s attention, they either clicked through to Spotify, or clicked to visit his YouTube channel.

Ad Creation and Optimization

This release was promoted solely through YouTube. We had one month to get the best reults we possibly could, so we ended up going with the brand consideration campaign.

Costs stayed low, and we were able to produce awesome results for James by making simple changes, whether it was removing the CTA button, or changing the image that was shown on the pop-up.

Click on the images to see our results with view rate, placements, etc.

The Results

Incredible Music Exposure

We wrapped up the campaign with numbers that were even better than expected.

With 31,045 ad views, we had a 50.15% view rate and our Cost Per View ended at CA$0.03 (USD$0.022). Our CPC was CA$2.81 (USD$2.14) and we had a click-through-rate of .49%.

All in all, these are some of the best numbers we have seen from a youtube campaign. The engagement was great.

By the end of the campaign, we had 305 clicks directly to James’ single on Spotify and 103 earned views back to his channel. (For those who aren’t familiar with earned views, that means they went to his channel and watched at least one other video – these are rare with consideration campaigns.)

The best part, is that over the month period of this campaign, the song got picked up by over 10 playlists on Spotify – one of the playlists has over 110k followers, and two of the playlists were official Spotify playlists. The song reached 9,270 plays on Spotify, and the music video has 32,208 views.

With minimal and efficient spending, we were able to get James’ single a great jumpstart after the release.

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