Are you excited to get started? We are! This proposal contains ideas, systems, and logic behind what we will be doing for your company. Marketing is all about Lead Capture, Lead Nurture and Lead Conversion. We want the maximum ROI for the lowest cost.

We Focus On 4 Things

Video Marketing

One of the big factors in determining success with any Video Ad Campaign is selecting the right keywords, target audience, and videos to play in front of. With Yinc Video Marketing we can show ads to the right people based on who they are, where they’re located, and what they’re interested in.

Facebook Ads

Facebook allows us to drill down on your target audience and run them ads. We start with a smaller budget and scale up as soon a possible. We find your audience, run them an ad, they then become a lead, and you close them. Simple right?

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are the key. Everyone knows that we should be creating follow up sequences, but they never seem to get around to it. Did you know that only 1% of businesses have an email sequence? Immediately you will be able in the top 1%. Email marketing will educate your audience until they are ready to buy. The best thing is…it’s all automated.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

We run PPC campaigns for the majority of our clients. We recommend it for most businesses, but if the return is not there, we turn it off or we will focus on Remarketing only. PPC requires testing and a lot of time. Competition is fierce in the PPC world, but that is what we are hired for. We want to beat them.

How does this work?


It’s simple. We build ads and place them in front of your target audience.  We track everything and make sure your analytics, website, plugins, and webmaster are all working properly (most companies are not set up correctly). Below is a simple diagram of one video funnel. We do this with all our funnels. 

What our customers are saying

We had a huge amount of inventory that we had to liquidate before we could build our new product. We had Ydraw create a video and hired Yinc to increase our sales. It has been amazing. It hasn’t been perfect and the growth took a little longer than we had hoped, but every week our sales have increase and the ROI has been awesome. If you are considering using Yinc Marketing, I would!

Derek Johnson

CEO, Kapitol Reef

A Sales Funnel


Here is an idea of how a sales funnel works in the online world. 

By profiling your target audience, Yinc Marketing can develop a funnel to drive lead generation, which drives revenue.

Facebook Marketing Guide

We will be running Facebook Ads and we want to give you access to our Facebook Marketing Guide. This will give you glimpse into what we can do with Facebook Ads. We first start off with a tight budget and scale once the ROI is in place.

How to drive high converting traffic with YouTube Ads

Here is some more reading material if you want to learn a couple of tricks that we will be applying to your business. Click on the link to gain access to our guides.

Pricing is a fixed amount or 20% of ad spend. Which ever is higher.

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