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“They Fixed Our Marketing Problems”

“I usually do not leave reviews, but I am going to give Marketing Hy one because they helped fix our marketing. We got stuck with dex and didn’t see any results. It was a mess, but Jace had his team fixed everything. The best thing about Marketing Hy is that they pick up their phones. You can always get a hold of someone. Us old guys like that.”
Steven M

"Honestly they saved my company from going under"
“Jace and his companies have opened up a whole new world of business for me. The traffic is amazing! They’re Ez to work with very personable- has a small company feel with huge results. Honestly, they saved my company from going under.
"We have gone from nothing to 300K in the last 3 months"
We didn’t have any type of online marketing campaign in place and had no idea what to do. It’s been crazy. These last 3 months we have killed it.


"We have grown every month since. We can't keep up!"
Started my new salon and was introduced to Marketing Hy through a friend. I had a Marketing guy, but nothing was happening and I was spending a lot of money with him. We switched to Marketing Hy and we have grown every month since. We can’t keep up!


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Obscurity Is The Issue

If your business is not growing, it’s because nobody knows about you. Use these 5 steps to get your message to the right people and increase your profits 


We Grow Businesses With ROI-Driven Marketing Campaigns.

*clients are happy and that’s a good thing*

From The Desk Of Jace Vernon

Dear Business Owner,

If you’d like to grow your business, regardless of what industry,  this is the most important letter you will read today!

It could save you the costly mistakes that other companies are making right now. You may be making it already.

We are a different view compared to other marketing consultants. We operate like a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).  We get to know your business and put in the time to succeed.

The reason why?

Because I saw too many businesses being taken advantage of.

Meeting after meeting I would hear about how business owners were being kept in the dark.

– No transparency
– No communication
– No access to accounts
– No reporting
– No tracking
– No Results

Business owners were getting dragged into marketing campaigns by bogus agencies.

It’s a problem.

With so many different agencies and so many different marketing platforms, how can a business owner make the right decisions without knowing all about online marketing campaigns?

This Is Where We Come In.

A Transparent Marketing Campaign Owned By You


As much as people like to complicate online marketing, it’s actually pretty simple.

Here it is:

Step 1: Create The Right Message

Step 2: Place That Message In Front Of The Right Audience Who Will Buy

There are a lot of ways to do this, but not all of them will work.

You have…

– PPC – SEO – Website – Video – Social Media – Video Ads – Facebook – Instagram – Email – ETC

But how will you figure out what will  bring more business into your doors?

Take PPC (Google Ads) for example. 73% of ad spend is wasted on Google Ads. Yet I see hundreds of businesses blow thousands of dollars a month on bad campaigns. Business owners are told they need a PPC campaign so they jump without the proper tracking in place.

Google Ads does work. It can be a huge source of revenue for your business, but it has to be optimized and you have to have the right keywords. This can takes weeks if not months.

So how do you navigate online marketing and make sure you are getting the absolute best value for your money?

You Hire Us!

But first, we should discuss your needs and see if we can help.

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