Your Marketing Proposal

“Marketing is all about Lead Capture, Lead Nurture and Lead Conversion. We want the maximum ROI for the lowest cost.” 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to present our marketing proposal.  We have assessed your requirements for this project and are confident that Yinc Marketing can provide a high-quality, professional solution that meets the needs of your company.

Yinc Marketing has three distinct divisions that enable us to offer our clients best-in-class marketing solutions to help reach their business goals.

  1. Lead Capture and Interactive Marketing – Yinc uses paid traffic, Facebook, Video, YouTube, Adwords, Social Media and Content (SEO) to capture your target audience.

We specialize in:

• Video Marketing

• Facebook Ads and Instagram

• YouTube Ads 

• Adwords, PPC

• Retargeting

• SEO and Autocomplete

2. Lead Nurture and Creative Services – Yinc Marketing enhances your business image by maintaining constant contact with your prospective clients.  We do this through retargeting, email, and content creation.

3. Lead Conversion and Technology Services – If we do the first 2 steps correctly, step 3 automatically happens. This is the step that will increase your revenues and profits.

I encourage you to contact me at any time with questions on our services.

We look forward to a long-term partnership.


Jace Vernon



Recommendation for You!

After going through your material, here is what we recommend for your business.

  • YouTube Ads and Video Marketing
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • PPC campaign

***Please note that things change and this proposal does not include everything we do. ROI is what we want and we change according to our test plans and direction according to our test results. ***

What Your $1500 a Month Will Get You.

Here are the things we will be doing for your business. Let us know if you have any questions.  

Facebook and Instagram Ads

  • Facebook and Instagram (F&I) Page Set Up
  • Custom F&I Cover and Icon (message or great headline)
  • F&I Ad Set Up
  • F&I Tracking Pixel on Website
  • Custom Facebook and Instagram Audience website visitors
  • Create Different Audiences on top of the website Custom Audience
  • Upload customer list or lead lists. (CRM, Patients, Email Lists etc)
  • Create Ads (1 has to be Dark Post)
  • Create Different Audiences on top of the website Custom Audience
  • Build custom Facebook and Instagram Ad Image
  • Place conversion pixel
Monthly Update, Task, and Monitoring
  • Give the client a weekly update on Clicks and traffic
  • Adjust audiences (find better Target Audience)
  • Monitor the ads and make adjustments as needed
  • Test and try different images, messages, and audiences
  • Scale up when you hit the sweet spot

Pay Per Click Campaign (PPC)

  • Set up Adwords Account
  • Keyword Research
  • Set up Campaigns and Ad Groups
  • Build Ads
  • Create a Remarketing Campaign
  • Drive Traffic
  • Add Negative Keywords
Monthly Update, Task, and Monitoring
  • Give the client a weekly update on Clicks and traffic
  • Adjust Ads and Bids
  • Scale up when you hit the sweet spot

Video Marketing (YouTube)

Video Marketing
  • YouTube Page Set Up
  • Custom YouTube Cover and Icon (message or great headline. Don’t forget branding)
  • Attach Website to YouTube Channel
  • Link up Analytics and Adwords account to YouTube Channel
  • Upload Video
  • Optimize Video for Keyword (title description tags and fiver gig)
  • Create YouTube Cards, Annotations and Notes on video
  • Create Remarking Audiences in Adwords
  • Place google Analytics pixel on Website and create remarking audiences
  • Create Instream Ads for Placements, Remarketing, Topics and Interests
  • Keywords Research
  • Placements: Search first 5 pages of YouTube for placements
  • Keywords (Display network only)
  • Topics (be very careful on budget with Topics and Interest it can go quick)
  • Interests
  • Remarketing (run video ads to your remarking lists)
  • Place conversion pixel

Email Marketing Campaign

  • Setup up or use the clients CRM system (infusionsoft, mail chimp, Constant contact etc)
  • Place forms on site
  • Create Lists
  • Create emails
  • 1. Introduction email
  • 2. Soap Opera Sequence
  • 3. Seinfeld Email Sequence
  • Automate delivery