Your Online Marketing Company Is Ripping You Off.

Online Marketing companies like Dex Media, Yext, Network Solutions, Yellow Page (YP), Fusion 360, and Reach Local, are taking your money.

Marketing Hy is trusted and used by many humans, animals, and companies. 

But You’ve Kind Of Had A Feeling That Something Is Not Right.

These guys had the same feeling.

“For months I was paying Dex Media $2500 a month. We would have a monthly call but things seemed a little off. They were supposed to put in 30 hours, but the work looked like an hour worth. The site speed was bad, the content wasn’t great, and I didn’t get any results. I can’t believe I stuck around for over a year. Kill me know!  ”

Rick (one ticked off man)


We let the slick sales team convince us that what so many people complained about were false.  Shame on us for not listening to the other angry small business owners.”

“The sales person for 180 fusion really sold me on the company how they were different and will show us the results. We signed up for a 4 Month contract and what a bad move.”

“Reachlocal has been my worse SEO experience I have had yet. They are not a company that care about their clients. All they care about is the funds that they get. I had a lot of promised from the rep at the beginning. And none of those were kept. Cost me $7500 to use them. And never saw a change in my business. Actually I saw it go down. I would not recommend them to anyone..”

Mark A.

“I own a restaurant and advertised with them for years but their mentality is pre-internet and their results average at best. I canceled and I have been trying to get a refund owed to me since April of 2016.”

“I cannot tell you how frustrated I am and how many dollars I have lost because I cannot get a call back from Dex Media.”

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Here’s How To Stop It

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