3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Landing Pages.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Landing Pages.

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Jace: Good morning guys. This is Jace over here, at Yinc marketing. I’m going to put together a quick podcast, videocast thing, just to talk a little bit about landing pages, what I’m seeing. I’m still seeing a lot of clients, a lot of customers that are using landing pages. I don’t know why, but they are not. So, if you’re ever driving traffic from Adwords, if you’re ever driving traffic from video ads, e-mail campaigns, those types of things, you want to have a landing page set up, if it’s specific. Now, lot of times you’ll do like an e-mail campaign, while I will do these e-mails, that drives us to his latest and greatest blog. Okay, that’s fine, but if you’re actually purchasing leads on Adwords, Twitter ads, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, if you’re buying leads you want to drive them to a landing page. And here is why.
So, you take a look at my page right here. This is actually a blog. Let me show you a landing page that I created for a simple webinar. And you’re going to see..here it is. You’re going to see what kind of conversion rates you get on this. So, basically you hit enter. Here is the page. I mean it is so simple. Free webinar: Ydraw Yinc present how to tell your message and deliver it to the right audience. I am supposed to have a pop-up here. There is a pop-up that will pop just like this, usually within so many minutes and you can register your spot. So, if you look at this simple page that I just drove 44 visitors to. That was it, not a lot. I had a 63% conversion rate. It was a lot higher a couple of days ago. So, this was a test actually, just to kind a see what would happen. So what we did, I used Clickbank, ClickFunnels for that, came over here and created another landing page. So the other day we did a whole webinar on lead generation. We took one of our customers and did a seven-day campaign. It was a big campaign, but it was a seven-day campaign and we created 312 leads. So I need to adjust that. But, what we did we created 312 leads in the seven days. 90 of those were actually qualified. No, it was not easy to get qualified for this product. So, here is the landing page and like I said I’m testing. Something you want to make sure you do on landing pages is you never want to put in a background image that distracts from your headline. A lot of people ask you about the video background images. That can distract people from the actual headline. What you want them to do is check out your headline and then scroll down. Now, normally I would put my video higher, but on this when I’m just testing some things. So, it’s a landing page. Basically you have a headline, sub-headline, and then here is the video. Now, on this video I have after the video plays and we explained what we did for this client. You go down, you click Yes I want a free proposal, and there is a little more information. If they are like I’m not sure, then it talks about reasons why they do want to work for us. So, very simple landing page and go from there. Okay guys. So if you have any questions let me know. But remember any kind, any type of traffic you’re purchasing or buying, you need to drive him to a landing page, and on that landing page you need to have some type of offer, some type of value add. And that’s it. So whether you have ClickFunnels where you built by yourself, whether you use Unbounce there’s a lot of tools out there to create landing pages, just make sure you’re using them. Talk to you later. See ya.

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