Top 5 YouTube Ads and 7 Concepts We Learn From Them

Top 5 YouTube Ads and 7 Concepts We Learn From Them

Do you know what are considered to be the Best YouTube ads in 2015? Google asked ad makers, brand shapers, copywriters, and coders to vote on their favorite YouTube Video Ads.

Let’s start from the top. We will dissect these later on.

This one is still one of the best commercials I have seen. Love It!

I want you to pay attention to these ads. There’s lot we can learn from these winners. This is consumers voting on what they like to see and share. Ever since YouTube came out, consumers have been screaming to advertisers. They have been telling us to change our ways and produce videos that move them.

Think about it…Consumers now have the power to engage, comment, share, and click. Here are some trends from some of the top YouTube video ads.

1. Tell The Truth!

Dollar Shave Club is the perfect example. Mike was able to share everything from the brand’s persona to its value proposition all while oozing authenticity. It worked…launching his business into millions.

2. Entertain them First.

YouTube is a place where people are looking to be entertained. Here is a great example of a video ad that we produced. Our first job was to grab their attention and the second was to keep it. This was a video created specifically for YouTube ads. We interacted with the “skip” button. How do we know this worked? By reading the comments. How often do you have people like your YouTube ads?

3. Be Interactive.

Old spice is a perfect example of how to interacts with your audience. It’s brilliant and the whole campaign has to be the absolute best on YouTube. Millions of views, subscribers and publicity.

By the way…

A very powerful way to engage your audience is by creating an interactive video. It’s like a choose your own adventure. You can go here to read more about it.


4. Take All The Time You Need.

This is one of the powerful aspect of running ads on YouTube. You’re not restricted by time. It kills me when companies use 15 second TV commercials and think they will perform on YouTube. Video ads are about having a conversation with your audience. This is hard to do in 30 seconds. Now, don’t go out and create a 20 minute video. (2 to 3 minutes is plenty).

“It’s time to break free of the 30-second spot. Nike’s “Winner Stays” video, which has more than 115 million views, is more than four minutes long. Your story doesn’t have to fit into a timeframe of 15 or 30 seconds anymore; it just has to be a story viewers want to watch.”

5. Tell A Story.

This is pretty difficult because you have to shift you mind set from an ad maker to a story teller. This takes a lot of thought and energy. “The Scarecrow,” has to be one of the best videos for telling a story. I have written about it before, but I just can’t stop bringing it up. If you are going to take the time to create a video ad…Why Not Make It Epic?

6. Have Fun!

Have a bit of fun with your audience, play with the skip button, or pull some pranks. Our company is going to come out with a couple of funny ads in the coming weeks. We are going to interact with the skip button. Look for it.

7. Don’t quit.

YouTube video ads needs to be an on going process. You will most likely bomb your first time, but that does not mean you should quit. Keep creating and keep entertaining. Eventually you will fail enough to succeed.

Gone are the days when ads lived in one medium and are constantly being restricted. You can see that businesses can really change the paradigm with YouTube ads. You can now tell your story for practically free and if that doesn’t work we suggest you start running YouTube ads.

YouTube video ads (also known as Pre-roll ads) are a great way to get your message in front of your target audience. There are so many things you can do with YouTube. It really needs to be a part of your Marketing plan in 2015.

If you need help with running YouTube Pre-roll ads please let us know. We have a couple of tips and trick that will help you dominate.

4 Simple Steps To Create The Best YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

4 Simple Steps To Create The Best YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

Don’t we all love the exciting pre-roll ads that take up 30 seconds of our Youtube watching experience. They are annoying, but for advertisers they can become very handy. Here are 4 simple steps to create amazing Pre-Roll Ads.

1. Don’t do boring pre-roll ads

Nobody wants to see your ad and the reality is you are interrupting their precious Youtube time. The same goes with TV commercials. We tend to turn off our brains when advertising comes on. But is doesn’t have to be this way. Just put in a little extra effort and create something that will grab their attention and entertain the audience.

Back of the Brain; Front of the Brain

Although people do not like advertising, they still have needs and wants. The front of the brain is always running and tends to control most things, but the back of the brain may have a serious problem that needs to be solved, e.g. a boss who needs an explainer video, or a presentation that she is worried about. A viewer may jump onto YouTube thinking of a music video, how to cook tutorial, basketball tutorial, or for entertainment. But without even knowing it they end up on Ydraw’s website looking at explainer videos. The same happens with Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and most news channels.

Here is the secret of a successful YouTube Pre-roll Ad: interrupting what’s going on in the front of a viewers brain to fulfill the need in the back of the brain. The video will seize upon a lurking fear or desire, and exploit it. It interrupts and keeps on interrupting until action is taken. Here are some great examples:

2. Don’t repurpose your video…

What do I mean by this? Many first time YouTubers believe they can get away with a video that was created for a TV commercial. This has to be the worst idea ever (says everyone). The audience has the choice to watch your ad or not. It has to capture the prospect’s attention within 5 seconds and maintain that attention for 30 seconds.

You want to communicate with an audience that suffers from ADHD. You have five seconds to hook their interest, and 30 seconds until they decide they’re done with you. How do you do it?

I am sure you have all heard about how humans now have the attention span of a Goldfish. This rumor is spread by marketers, because they get get people to sit down and watch their ads. The reality is we know what we want and we do not have to pay attention to things we do not like.



3.  Your Pre-Roll Ad should be 30 seconds or longer

There is some logic behind this rule. 15 second pre-roll ads can end up costing you fortune. Google will charge you per 30 second view or until the end of the video. By creating a 15 second video you will be charged at 15 seconds. By creating a 30 second video you are going to get more qualified leads and not pay as much.

4. Send Viewers To A Landing Page With A Strong Call To Action

YouTube now allows you to associate your website with your YouTube videos. You are able to build YouTube cards, annotations, and call to action slides. You need to create a strong call to action and tell the audience exactly what you want them to do. Drive them away from YouTube.

If you can’t link video marketing to leads, sales, customers and revenue…you’re doing it all wrong!

So there you have it.

If you need help creating YouTube video ads, just contact us.


How To Create The Perfect YouTube Video Marketing Strategy.

Hey everyone I wanted to give you a couple of ideas on how you can turn your marketing video into a YouTube traffic-generating machine. YouTube and video are not going anywhere. So buckle up and jump in. This is your YouTube video marketing strategy.

Why am I doing this?

Because I am nice and I want you, yes you, to succeed when it comes to video marketing.

Lets get started.

“The real fact of the matter is that nobody watches ads. People watch what interests them, and sometimes it’s a video ad.”

You should have a YouTube Channel and a nice explainer video educating the consumer about your product or service. If not you can use

Once you have those two things in place, you are good to proceed.

I do not really care to discuss the lucky viral video that comes every couple years. I am talking about a consistent Video Marketing plan that will pay you dividends well into the future.

We are going to discuss ways we can use and abuse the YouTube platform to get the biggest ROI.

YouTube, as many of you know, is the 2nd biggest search engine and it is basically the biggest cable company around.


[xt_blockquote author=”NY Times, December 13 2012″]“Once again consumers demonstrated that they will gladly watch a commercial if it is their choice to do so.”[/xt_blockquote]

Specifically I want to show you how to get in front of the right person at the right time.

For example, if someone were looking for your product or service and they typed in your specific keywords, you want your video to be in front of them. Right?

They are a perfect buyer.

This can happen 2 ways.

  1. Organic Search (this take time, work and money)
  2. Paid Video Ads (this just takes money)

Business owners need traffic and can benefit from having your content found at the top of YouTube or from running targeted YouTube ads.

Organic Traffic: First How Does YouTube Rank Your Video? (organic)

Since we are playing on YouTube’s platform we need to look at 4 things.

  1.  Relevancy
  2.  Engagement
  3.  Clout
  4.  Competitors

Like Google, YouTube is search driven. They want to give the consumer the best possible choice for every keyword they type in.

If you have a lot of impressions yet nobody is clicking on your video, you have problems. If people are only watching 2 seconds of your video. You have problems. The material you are presenting might not be that relevant.

How can we make Google happy?

By creating a video that will fit the needs of a searching consumer. If you are a lawyer, you do not want your video popping up for a pool guy.

Unless deep down you have an uncontrollable desire to be a pool boy.

To be relevant you will want to:

  1. Optimize your file name
  2. Optimize your Title
  3. Optimize the description
  4. Optimize your tags (keywords)
  5. Optimize your transcript

This is not rocket science.

Next you will want to make sure you have good engagement.

  • Views
  • Subscribers
  • Posting
  • Backlinks and Embeds

About two years ago I made a huge pitch on why you do not want YouTube videos on your website, I have since adjusted my thinking. If you take a look at you will see nothing but YouTube videos on the home page.

Why the change?

Because I want more views, more subscribers, more backlinks and embeds.

A word of caution…

The main reason I did not want YouTube videos on my home page was because I did not want my traffic going elsewhere. Most people will use the simple embed code that Google provides which will allow them to run ads or give you different video options at the end. We will want to block both.
And hope that your competitors do the opposite. That way we can advertise on their videos…

How fun!

Take a look at the image below. You will see there is a spot where you can uncheck:

  • Show suggested videos when the video finishes


Make sure that is unchecked

You can also block in-stream ads from running on your videos.

You can do this by disabling the monetization tab on your YouTube Channel.


Now back to organic traffic.

There are a couple of tricks you can use when it comes to getting video views and subscribers.

  1. Go to Fiverr and purchase some views or some subscribers. That will at least get you started.
  2. Create a blog network and embed your videos on the blogs.
  3. Create a slide share that talks about your product or service and places the video in the slide share.

There are a lot of ways to get views and subscribers, but do not go overboard. Natural is always best, but it never hurts to give yourself a little push to get started.

Paid Traffic: How To Get Immediate Traffic With Video Ads

Now, let’s talk about my favorite way to immediately drive some qualified traffic to your videos which in turn should produce leads and new customers.

If your video sucks, sorry I can’t help. When you start purchasing ads on YouTube, the content and quality of your video will make a huge difference.

Yesterday I was on the phone with Google going through a couple of our video campaigns (I’m always trying to get one-on-one meeting with them).

He said there are three main problems that they run into all the time.

YouTube advertisers do not:

  1. Create a video specifically for YouTube Ads
  2. They do not target the right audience
  3. Companies do not have a strong Call To Action.

A simple way to structure you video is to follow the sequence below.

  • Headline (to grab attention)
  • Identify the Problem
  • Solution
  • Strong Call To Action (you need to ask them to do something)

The last step being the most important. I like to call these the “Marketing hy test.”

Nothing bothers me more when a big corporation wastes millions of dollars on bad YouTube Campaigns. Well, actually deep down I like it because it gives the observant a big advantage.

I have seen companies take a video that begins with 10 seconds of disclaimers. Who’s going to watch that?


Once your video passes the “Marketing Hy common sense test,” you should be good to proceed.

Here is the other issue:

You can’t expect to get qualified traffic if you do not target the right viewer. I see companies blanket YouTube with their ads and then they wonder why they do not see any results.

You have to identify your target audience and identify your keywords.

For example, when I am running ads I will usually pick two or three demographics per campaign.

  • Age, Location, and Keyword
  • Age and Placement
  • Age and Remarketing
  • Age, Gender and Placement

I will also double up on the campaign and run one for in-stream ads and one for in-display ads. Here are some results we get for one of our clients. We have produced 65 leads in the last 14 days. You can also see the average cost per view, cost per conversion and our conversion rate. These are all great numbers to have.


Not all target groups are equal, but once you have a long enough testing period you can make the necessary adjustment to maximize your ROI/Conversions.

Remember that everything needs to be tracked. Make sure you have your conversion pixels in place so you know what is working and what is not.

So there you have it, a simple guide/reason why you should be running video marketing ads.

Obviously, we can help and we would love to talk to you on the phone about your video marketing efforts.

We love seeing companies become successful through online video marketing.

We also have some amazing YouTube marketing guides if you like the DIY space.

We love internet marketing and have executed successful internet marketing campaigns for companies of all different sizes. We want to earn your business.

Thanks for reading the…

How To Create The Perfect YouTube Video Marketing Video Strategy.