NOW Foods Case Study

Millions of video views to celebrate 50 years in business

The Back Story

NOW foods goal was to create a campaign that revolved around their 50th company anniversary.

They wanted to create an awesome YouTube video for a video marketing campaign.

They had the ultimate goal of 1 million views!

The Creative Assets

The Idea

Nail down the target audience.
Design a video that captured the audience’s attention.
Create a video marketing campaign.
Push the video mainly on YouTube and Facebook.
Drive traffic to their 50th Anniversary landing page.

Getting to Work

We dove right into the creation of NOW Foods video Ad.

They started with $10,000 for the first two months.

Then $5,000 covered the rest of the year ($25,000 total Ad spend).

By June we had hit our goal of 1 million views!


The Results

How Long Did It Take?

We completed the animation video by March of 2018 and began running the video marketing campaign.

We had until the end of the year to hit our goal of 1 million views!

For YouTube, we used Keywords, Placements, and Remarketing, for Facebook, we focused on the target audience.

By June of 2018 (Just 73 days into the campaign) we reached our goal of 1 million views!).

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