Eagle Ranch Academy

How Eagle Ranch Academy Battles The Highly Competitive & Ever Changing Rehab Space.

The Back Story

Eagle Ranch Academy is an excellent company that runs a School for troubled teens.

There are a lot of challenges like competition, hate groups, fraudulent clicks, and extremely expensive keywords. Plus Google is always changing the rules.

ERA came to Marketing Hy looking to increase their organic traffic, create a Video Campaign, improve their online marketing, and adjust their PPC campaign.

The Opportunity

Like most businesses, ERA wanted more placements and leads at a lower cost. Plus, ERA needed qualified leads. Leads are easy, qualified leads is a constant battle.

They had a great foundation, but needed some big adjustments.

Social Media, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram all provide a great opportunity for any business to get in front of their target audience.

We developed some videos (both live videos and animation videos.) and started the campaigns.

The Creative Assets

The Idea

Marketing Hy and ERA decided to do the following:

  • Create a new website
  • Start video campaigns
  • Add forms and videos onto the website
  • Create a better User Experience with videos
  • Adjust the ads to match the wording on the website
  • Eliminate wasted keywords and increase impression share on the keywords that were converting.
  • Create an automated email campaign using Infusionsoft
  • Simplify pages, content and messaging

The Video

This is an example of one of the videos that was created for ERA. They also had live videos, testimonial videos, facility videos, parent videos and more. They are one of the best clients because they are willing to help create content.

Traffic Generating Activity

Email Campaign, Google ads, YouTube, Facebook and other social media accounts are a must if you plan on running an effective campaign. This post had 143 comments 522 shares and 2.2K likes. 

The Results

With Video campaigns, there are a lot of little tricks and hacks that make all the difference. We were able to apply our knowledge and get instant results.


  • A 75% increase in conversion and leads
  • 40% decrease in Cost Per Lead
  • Click to Conversion increased 70.87%
  • 20% improvement in bounce rate
  • 500 Leads in one month
  • Automated followup

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• Find out if your website has issues like security

• How much you're wasting on Pay Per Click Campaigns

• If your website is being indexed by Google

• Are Facebook and Instagram going to work for you

• One thing you need to be doing now to get more sales

• How you can use YouTube to drive customers

• How to stop Google from taking your money

• Learn if SEO will work for your business

• Are your customers confused when they visit your website

• Why simplicity matters and how you can apply it

• Automate follow up and keep leads coming back

• Simple trick to rank on Google and YouTube

• How to grow your business

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