How You Can Generate Income, Sales, and Leads From Email Marketing

When the internet was new to consumers, everyone loved email. Everyone was greeted with "You've Got Mail!" Does it still work?

The Challenge

Decades of Nigerian prince schemes, Spanish lotto scams, and loads of boring spam have put a bit of a damper on Email Success. You have filters to navigate, software to learn and endless emails to write. This causes a big challenge for most businesses and they soon learn that email marketing is not easy. It takes work, thinking, and consistency.

The Solution

Let Yinc Marketing take over your email campaign and create the perfect Email marketing system. Our 20 point email marketing system will become vital to your business. Just think…a customized email campaign that runs on auto pilot.


Percent of day spend on email


Made a purchase because of email


Business have email teams


of spam emails

Email is the most effective way to sell your product or service to your audience. Here is a simple email sequence that we set up for Ydraw. Although, this may not look like much it has made them millions and continue to produce results. You may think that emails is dead…think again.



Here is why email is so effective


Speak to your audience directly

Email gives you the ability to speak directly to your consumers. You are able to control the field, bond with the reader, make them smile and open their minds to wanting to buy from you.

Educate your prospect

Most buyers require multiple touches before they pull out their cards. Email give you the ability to educate and move buyers through the investigation phase. You are able to use curiosity to keep people engaged, by answering questions they have about your product.

Provide value for FREE

When generating emails sequences we plug in something of value with each email. It may not be much, but these small value packs add up. The key is to know your market and what they want, and then just use those wants and desires to your advantage.
  • Deliverability rate 75% 75%
  • Good open rate 20% 20%
  • Good Click Through Rate 5% 5%

Are you ready to get started?

Email marketing is a must for all businesses. If you do have your email marketing in place, let us send you a free proposal. The quicker you get started the sooner you will see results.