Some Call It Stalking, We Call It Amazing Marketing – How To Create a Creepy Marketing Campaign.

Some Call It Stalking, We Call It Amazing Marketing – How To Create a Creepy Marketing Campaign.

Instead of telling you what to do, I am going to show you what I did and how you can do it too.

It all began this last week when I attended the Start SLC conference up in Salt Lake City. The Conference was a jewel. In fact, it was so good I plan on going for years to come or at least until they let me be the keynote speaker.

I’ll invite you when that happens… 🙂

While sitting in the audience being inspired, I came up with a simple solution to land those big clients.

I have to admit that I am not much of a networker. When they have those networking parties, I will usually go grab a sprite and head back to the hotel.

I know…

It’s bad, but for some reason I never have liked the whole networking thing.


While sitting in the audience listening to a speaker from Domo I came up with a couple of ideas on how to target a specific company or a specific person with a customized ad. I decided to target all the executives.

Why do you want this?

Imagine if you are a finance company looking to land that multi million-dollar client. If you could run a particular ad to that individual, don’t you think that would have an impact on their decision? Meaning you run a custom ad designed to land that one company.

You can also use it to set up a lunch appointment or speak with a company’s executives. It’s just a great way to get attention.

For this to work, you will need the following:

  1. Facebook ads (a Facebook account)
  2. YouTube Channel linked to your website
  3. Landing Page
  4. Adwords Account
  5. Remarketing pixels

Here are the Step To Become An Amazing Marketer A.K.A Stalker:

  1. You get the target’s info
  2. Build a customized ad
  3. The target sees the ad
  4. Goes to the landing page
  5. We cookie his machine
  6. Run him video ads on YouTube banner ads on other sites in the Google network

Stick figure Domo ad1

Step 1: Collect The Targets Info

For this to work you need to get the Target’s email address. You will upload the email address into Facebook. Facebook will then locate the Target’s Facebook Page.

I found the executives of Domo on LinkedIn, became their friends, and then exported my contact list.

You can also get them to like your Facebook page and start running ads to those who like your page.

Not a perfect system, but it worked.

Step 2: Build the Assets

1. Build a Facebook ad, a landing page, and a video.
2. Place a Remarketing pixel on the landing page. You can place a Facebook remarketing pixel and a Google remarketing pixel.
3. Embed the YouTube Video on the landing page. This is will be used for YouTube retargeting.

Step 3: Create The Ad

Jump onto your Facebook account and create the ad. Under custom audiences you we be able to upload the contact list.

Warning! You have to have a minimum of 20 people on this list. Facebook changed its guidelines a while back, but it’s really not a big deal. If your target is a male you can fill the rest of the list with females and select “Only Market to Male.”

Make sense?

I hope so because it’s not an easy task to pull this stuff out of my brain, but I do it anyway all in the name of sharing…☺

I actually uploaded all 2000+ Linkedin contact because I wanted to see if other people would click on the ad out of curiosity.

Like I said…not a perfect system but it works. You might have to have a broader audience, but we are paying such a small amount per click that it won’t matter if you run the ad to thousands of people. That’s what I did.

DOMO needs Ydraw 3

Step 4: Run It

Once the ad has been created it is time to let it fly.

Step 5: Generate a YouTube ad that is customized.

Picture this…

You’re on YouTube and you’re about watch your favorite One Direction Video. I say One Direction because just last night I found out my wife dropped $1300 for the whole family to go see them in concert.

It’s been a rough night…

Since your target has watched the video that was sitting on your landing page, you now can run custom pre-roll ads.

(If you do not know what those are, I will direct you over to another article. YouTube Pre-Roll Ads. )

Once your target clicks on the play he gets a customized YouTube ad that speaks directly to him.

“Hey Don… We need to do business and I would like to take you out to lunch. What day works best for you? Click here to set up a time…I’m waiting Don!”

Creepy? Yes.

Funny? Absolutely!

Effective? Who could turn that down?!

Here is a good example of a YouTube video that is customized.


Quick Recap

1. Find the target and get ahold of his email address
2. Create a landing page and place your retargeting pixels on the page
3. Create an ad that speaks directly to the target
4. Turn on the ads and drive him to your landing page
5. Run a YouTube pre-roll ad that is customized for him


I hope that helps and make sure to let me know if you try this out. There are a lot of people that would like to hear about your successful campaigns.

The Results…

So far I have had a good number of clicks and I have received a phone call from a guy that works with Domo. He tried to sell me on his product…

I have some fine-tuning to do, but I know I will get some results.
Have a great day and I look forward to hearing about your success

Hope you enjoyed

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How To Create a Creepy Marketing Campaign. Some Call It Stalking We Call It Amazing Marketing.

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