Top 10 Marketing Podcasts That You Should Listen To

Top 10 Marketing Podcasts That You Should Listen To

I Love Podcasts and I have been listening to some of the top Marketing Podcasts over the past 12 months. It’s kind of crazy that we can learn from the best minds in our industry all for free.

I am always preaching that people should skip college, listen to Podcast and watch YouTube Videos. You will learn more. It’s a great habit to get into especially if you are running a business. Podcasts can keep you focused and inspire you to keep moving. Plus it’s fun listening and learning about the struggles, challenges, triumphs, and successes that others are going through.

So here are…

The Top 10 Marketing Podcasts that are worth your time.

They’re in no particular order.

1. The Top by Nathan Latka (The Top Entrepreneurs in Money, Marketing, Business, and Life).

This podcast is awesome because Nathan doesn’t mess around. In business, there can be lot of fluff. People tend to beat around the bush but Nathan keeps them in line.

If you want to listen to all different types of Entrepreneurs in all different stages of their businesses, then The Top Podcast is for you.

Kudos to Nathan Latka for being consistent and providing us with great information.

2. Art of Paid Traffic by Rick Mulready

The Art of Paid Traffic is jam-packed with great information on Facebook ads, Video ads, and other traffic avenues.

Last week on episode 92, I was able to apply the podcast to my business. The episode was all about how to increase your Facebook Video Ad Results.

3. Perpetual Traffic by Digital Marketer

Perpetual Traffic is a weekly podcast produced by Digital Marketer and hosted by Keith Krance, Ralph Burns (Dominate Web Media), & Molly Pittman (Digital Marketer).

Obviously Digital Marketer has spent Millions on Facebook advertising so they know their stuff. They provide some great value and are well worth your time.

4. Growth Everywhere by Eric Siu

Growth Everywhere is a lot like The Top. Eric interviews all types of Entrepreneurs. They give you a lot of little tips you can apply to your business. I also like the fact that Eric interviews people who are just starting out.

5. Conversion Cast by Tim Paige

I am just getting into this Podcast. Basically, Conversion Cast is the only podcast that gets to the heart of the metrics. At least that’s what the description says.

I will be the judge once I listen to a few more episodes, but so far so good. They are short and sweet.

6. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is a self-experimenter and bestselling author, best known for The 4-Hour Workweek. Many of you already know who Tim Ferriss is.

Tim is one of the only guy that can keep you entertained for 3 hours on one Episode.

Thanks Tim

7. Social Media Marketing by Michael Steizner

The Social Media Marketing podcast is hit-or-miss for me. They have some good content, but I have to pick and choose what I want to listen to. They hit almost every social media avenue, so it’s a great start if you are looking to get an overall view of all things Social Media.

8. SaaStr by Jason Lemkin and Harry Stebbings

If you are running a SaaS business you have to listen to this Podcast. Jason Lemkin is all about getting you from $0 to 100m Annual Recurring Revenue. (ARR) It is jammed packed with ideas and great interviews.

If you have no idea what SaaS stands for, get in line. I probably heard this term for 2 years before I even knew what the word meant. SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Now doesn’t that feel better?

9. StartUp by Gimlet

I actually ran into this Podcast while listening to music. Their commercials kept interrupting me so, I decided I would check it out.

Startup is the real story behind creating a business. Their format is amazing and very entertaining. The Gimlet staffs are storytellers and the production of each episode takes a lot of work.

You will know what I mean when you listen to an episode or two.

10. Video Marketing 2.0 by Joel Goobich and Brendan Carty

I live and breath Video Marketing so of course I am going to listen to a Podcast that is all about Video Marketing. I am a going to on an episode or two in the coming weeks.

Those are my top 10 marketing podcasts but I also listen to a couple of others that I am going to mention. You might like the honorable mentions better then my top 10.

I love marketing by Joe Polish and Dean Jackson
Anti-Preneur by Ben Settle
Marketing In Your Car by Russell Brunson
Self Made Man by Mike Dillard

The way to get the most out of Podcasts is to actually apply what they’re saying to your business. You’re better served by doing what they say, not just listening.

I like to listen to an episode, take action notes, and then apply those notes.

Good luck I hope you enjoy my Top 10 Marketing Podcasts now go listen and apply.

Video Marketing On Facebook! Does it work?

Top Benefits of Facebook Video Marketing

The value of top Video Marketing has been heavily explored in the past and nowadays businesses of all sizes have begun implementing video in their marketing campaigns. Video is a cheap way to get your message across and with Social Media platforms like Facebook taking full advantage of video to drive up engagement, it is only sensible that business and brands use video accordingly.

In the following article, we’ll be going over the top benefits of using your video on Facebook and how it has helped thousands of brands obtain killer traffic to their sites. In addition, we’ll be outlining some of the best tactics you can implement right now to put your brand on the map.


Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform boasting over one billion users and while the organic reach of Facebook has dropped significantly over the past few years, their paid advertisement platform is one of the best available when used correctly.

Facebook is the second largest trafficked website and at any given time has more than five hundred million active users. In other words, there are roughly 500 million people right now on Facebook engaging in content from friends and brands alike. If you could only manage to obtain 1% of this traffic and direct it to your business, we’re talking about 5 million potential prospects visiting your brand. Now that’s impressive!

Mobile Users

Another important factor that brands and businesses must take into consideration is that the world is moving to searching the internet through mobile devices. It’s estimated that by 2019 that mobile users will surpass every other medium of exploring content online. Facebook is Mobile friendly and with 1 billion people using Facebook from a mobile device every month, it only makes sense to utilize the platform to reach your ideal customer.

Facebook videos are mobile friendly and is quickly becoming the main means for users to watch video.

Video and Social Behavior

Another killer reason why Facebook video marketing is so effective is due to the fact that users have all the means to share the content in a flash. With ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ buttons right below your video, you can tap into organic traffic much quicker than other platforms. In addition, Facebook gives you more exposure if the videos are hosted on their platform, meaning you’ll reach further demographics a lot easier than Youtube videos within their platform.

Hot Triggers – Awesome CTAs

One feature that Facebook videos have that is lacking on Youtube is the embedded call to action. When loading up a Facebook video, you have the option to embed a CTA at the end of the video. What this means is that once the user has finished watching the video, a clickable CTA is posted in the center of the screen. Typically, it reads “Learn more” or “subscribe” and once clicked will re-direct the user to the designated page.

In other words, after you have engaged your users and grabbed their attention, you can quickly send them to a relevant offer to help drive up conversions.

Boosting Virality Potential

Now let’s get into the true potential of marketing on Facebook with video. The Facebook advertising platform is one of the best in the world. You have the ability to reach millions of viewers if you understand how to properly boost your videos. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty details of boosting as that is a topic all on its own, however I will provide you with a general overview on how it works.

We already established that Facebook will show you more “love” if you upload the video directly on their platform. However, while the organic reach is dismal, the boosting potential can create a landslide of traffic coming your way.

The way you do this is by creating ‘audiences’ within the platform. You select ‘interests’ (which essentially are your keywords) of which Facebook will give you an estimated reach. You can continue to refine your reach based on geographic locations, general interests, excluding interests from a general interest and much more.

I strongly suggest you take time to explore their advertising options as many people have managed to boost videos into the millions of views on budgets as low as $20 USD.

The ‘Like-Invite’ Feature

This option isn’t available for all pages, however for the most part if your Facebook page has fewer than a hundred thousand likes you could take advantage of this feature. Essentially the “like-invite” feature (I don’t know if that’s what it’s called officially) allows you to invite users to like your page if they ‘liked your content’ even if they aren’t a fan or a friend of your brand.

In other words, if you manage to create a viral video. Let’s say there are 5,000 likes on the video and your page only has 3,000 likes; that means that there are potentially 2,000 people who could become fans of your page. You simply have to go down to where it says “These many people liked this post” and select the ‘Others’ link. This will bring up a list of people who liked your particular post. You’ll quickly notice that there are options that says “Invite to page”, simply click that and you could have a new fan on your business page.

This feature has helped people build solid communities really quickly by creating engaging content and taking advantage of the paid advertisement platform.

The Bottom Line

Video Marketing is no longer the ‘future of marketing’, it’s what’s happening right now! Facebook has worked hard over the years to incorporate video into their platform and many brands have seen the massive benefits of this integration. Seeing that people spend more time on Facebook than they do on Google, should give you the motivation to start incorporating video marketing on Facebook right now.

People are social creatures and the latest statistics and trends are clear on the fact that the Facebook community loves videos. Tap into the power of Facebook Video Marketing today!


Scaling A Business With Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram Video Ads. Part 1

Scaling A Business With Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram Video Ads. Part 1

I am excited to finally get this project going. Are you ready to start scaling your business? We are going to show you guys how to scale up your business using Facebook, Adwords, and Instagram Ads. Especially Video Ads.

When I say scale, I mean increase ad spend which will, in turn, increase your leads.

More leads equal more sales for you business.

This is part 1 of a 4 part series so keep an eye out for the other blog posts. This could turn into a 10 part series. I will keep going as long as you guys keep reading. Feel free to ask questions, make comments, and share this article. There are businesses that need it!

A lot of people have a problem with scaling. It can be really nerve racking and it takes a leap of faith: Faith that you have the right offer, faith that your product brings value, faith your funnel is set up correctly, and faith your message will bring conversion.

The reality is, you could bomb and lose money.


That should not stop you from trying. You have to take a risk!  If you want to grow your business, scaling is a great way to get rapid growth. It may take testing and tweaking. So make sure you are ready mentally to do this.

We know this first hand. Case and point!

Many of you know, Yinc does marketing for all types of businesses. We like to focus on video marketing but many of our clients need a lot more then just video ads.

We are currently working with a business that is ripe for scaling. Our cost per lead is around $1 and our cost per customer is around $9.

Their average customer spends around $70 on their first order, which puts us at a $61 gross profit.

On the surface this looks amazing. The numbers above are definitely scalable, but the company is basically breaking even. They have a net profit margin that is so tight that we have not convinced them to scale yet. This is where the Lifetime Value of a customer comes into play. If their customers order more product, instant profit. But they have to be willing to break even on that first order.

Like I said…it’s not easy.

During this process, you will learn about your product and offer. Take what you learn and make adjustments. It’s also important that your adjustments are made quickly. If you have a web guy that takes weeks to make a correction, you have problems. If you can’t create a Facebook audience in a hour, you need help. If you have no idea how to create an Instagram ad, you better educate yourself or get someone who knows what they are doing.

This is not a game for beginners. You will lose money and quite before you become profitable. I see this all the time!

This is not to scare you. I just want to make sure you have the little things adjusted before you decide to scale.

The History Of Scaling Ydraw

We’ve come to the conclusion that we want to scale our Animation Company Ydraw.

Over the last couple of years we have been content with the growth and profits but we want to add another 100k a month in revenue.

One of the biggest limitations of Ydraw is that each video is customized. It takes a lot of creativity and human capital to create a Whiteboard Animation Video. It’s even worse with 2D and 3D animation videos. For us to scale perfectly, we would need to have a turnkey video in place or we have to find a lot of new talent.

We don’t know if we want to do this yet.

So once we increase our sales another 100K a month we will put a freeze on our ad spend and decide if we want to go on another hiring spree.

Where We Currently Stand

When I talk numbers, I will only cover Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram. The numbers do not include referrals, SEO, repeat business, referral partners, etc.

We’ll be discussing Ads and Video Ads only. All the leads are coming from Ad spend.

October 2015 Ad Spend (not a good month)

Spend: $8,083
Leads: 81
Cost per lead $99.79
Click To Conversion Rate was 3% to 9%

Facebook and Instagram (Zero)

Last October we were running the following:

Keywords Search Ads (Adwords) : These are just simple keyword targeted ads.


Gmail Sponsored Ads (Adwords): These are Gmail ads that pop up on the Gmail promotion tab

Video keywords Ads (Trueview adwords): These are YouTube display ads for specific keywords

YouTube In-Display ads


Video Placement Ads (Adwords): Hand picked YouTube videos that allow ads

YouTube In-Stream Ads

Retargeting (Adwords): Banner ads and video ads for visitors

Although we had great success with running Facebook ads, last October we had turned them off. We felt we needed to make some changes first.

Step 1: Scaling your online business. Online Marketing Assets

Do you have everything necessary to run an effective online marketing campaign?

You are going to need the following:

  • Website
  • Videos (30 second ad and a full length explainer video)
  • Banner Ads
  • Email Campaign
  • Website Forms
  • Adwords Account
  • Facebook Account
  • Instagram Account
  • YouTube Account
  • Conversion Pixels
  • Analytics Goals
  • Facebook Pixel

**you can click here for our full online marketing checklist**

Everything should be branded correctly and have links out to your landing pages. I have created plenty of video tutorials to help you. Just visit my YouTube Channel.

When scaling, everything works together. Traffic we get from Facebook becomes part of our Remarketing campaign in Adwords. Our Search traffic on Adwords becomes part of our Lookalike audiences on Facebook and Instagram. The likes and shares on Instagram become part of our Remarketing group on YouTube. The point it…It’s a full system.

The Assets above are the foundation. Do not go any further until you have everything in place.

For those who have everything, I would suggest revamping or double-checking your work or go down the full checklist which I provided above.

Ydraw’s Adjustments

After looking over our numbers I realized we needed to make some adjustments to the website. I knew this for some time, but I’m busy and I didn’t make time to for the necessary adjustments.

I know…STUPID!

This seems to happen a lot with business owners. We get caught up in so many different things that we neglect making necessary adjustments; especially if things are going great and you’re making good money. It’s human nature to keep the status quo when all is well.

Our number 1 goal for the website is to collect a lead. We want their email address or we want them to pick up the phone and call. Calls have a much higher closing rate, but a lot of people are in research mode and will only leave their email.

That is ok.

Once we collect an email address they enter our Email Campaign.

Our website was ok at the time, but was random and lacked a clear call to action.

Plus, there were a couple of issues on Mobile that needed to be fixed.

Over Thanksgiving break we went to work on the website. The updated version would have a clearer CTA and would eliminate a lot of the clutter.

Basically, we simplified.

Our website contains:

Below I will give you the results.

But first, I want to go over the numbers.

Numbers You Should Know:

-Cost Per Leads
-Cost Per Customer
-Closing Percentage
-Profit Per Sale
-Life Time Value Of A Customer

If you are losing money every month, one of the numbers above is messed up.

Cost Per Lead is different for everyone.

If your industry is highly competitive you could be spending $50 dollars a click which could turn into a $500 cost per lead. This is not uncommon (Attorneys are known to spend this type of money on leads).

At Ydraw we can afford to spend $150 to $300 per lead or $2500 a customer, and still come out on top. You may only be able to spend $3 a lead.

Just make sure know your numbers.

Obviously, the name of the game is to get the lowest cost per lead.

We will get into this later but if you can only spend a couple of dollars to generate a lead, Adwords might not be the best place start. I would look at Facebook or Instagram. You will have difficulty reaching your goals with Adwords unless you find a way to increase your prices and profits per customer.

Either way, you have to test it.

Dan Kennedy says, “He who can spend the most per lead wins.”

Russell Brunson is always preaching that it’s ok to break even to obtain a customer. He will even lose money because he knows profit’s are made further down the funnel.

The Lifetime Value of a customer is important.

Fast forward to Jan 2016

It was time to start scaling up. The new website was up, Instagram ads were working and our Facebook strategy was in place.


Spend: $8,185.35
Number of Leads: 117
Cost Per Lead: $84.62
Click to Conversion: 5.69% to 10.53%

Facebook and Instagram

Spend: $4665
Number of Leads 446
Cost Per Leads: $10.45

As you can see, the website adjustments made a big impact on our conversions. We saw a 35% decrease in Cost Per Lead and close to 87% increase in Click to Conversion.

You will also notice that Facebook and Instagram campaigns really added to the number of leads.

Our Cost Per Lead is way lower on Facebook and Instagram, but those leads are not as high of quality as Adwords.

There is a difference between people who are actively searching and people you interrupt. Facebook and Instagram are interruption techniques. Meaning they are not actively searching for our product or service.

There is a longer sales cycle, but the ROI is still big.

What I love about Facebook and Instragram ads are the shares, likes, and comments. Here is the Instagram video ad we are running.



Take note of the comments and shares. This is powerful because we are getting free customers. When one person sees our ad and thinks their friend needs it, they share the ad.

This is like an instant endorsement.

These are factors that are extremely hard to measure. All I know is that things are working.

For example…

In one day Wes, our sales VP, had $18,000 in sales from Instagram Ads.

We spent around $150 on ads that day. The whole month of January we spent $4665 on ads for both Facebook and Instagram.

I do not have the exact amount of sales that came in from Facebook and Instagram, but it was a lot (still trying to track them more effectively).

These are exciting numbers.

The Plan Moving Forward:

Over the coming weeks I plan to increase ad spend by $3000 and make some more adjustments.

The goal is to lower or maintain the same Cost Per Lead.

Here are some key factors that contributed to our success in the month of January.

  • New Website Design
  • New Facebook and Instagram Video Ads
  • Lookalike Audience Created from Conversion
  • Increase Ad Spend

I will create a separate blog post about Lookalike Audiences because I think Facebook changed their algorithm a few weeks back. It was a good change because their effectiveness increased dramatically (more to come).

In the meantime, good luck scaling your ad spend. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me. I would be happy to discuss your business.

I am excited for what 2016 holds.

Happy Scaling…

Thanks for reading.

Scaling A Business With Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram Video Ads. Part 1

Unlocking the Secret to Facebook Video Marketing

Unlocking the Secret to Facebook Video Marketing

Unlocking the Secret to Facebook Video Marketing

Facebook is unmatched in their social media presence.

As of January 2016, 1.591 billion people login every month and 1.038 billion login every single day.

In fact Facebook calculated in 2012 that 5 new profiles were created every second. People all over the globe are jumping on board every day, and Facebook’s users are of a wide age demographic ranging from tweens to octogenarians.

According to SproutSocial, the average American spends 40 minutes on Facebook a day. Not surprisingly 50 percent of 18-24 year olds log onto FB as soon as they wake up.

With a growing user population and no loss of popularity in sight, Facebook has now achieved superstar status and from a marketing stand point cannot be ignored.

Thats just one reason why you need to be using Facebook Video Marketing.

Obviously social media marketing’s unique advertising niche has many benefits, and creating a Facebook page is a no brainer. But how can you as a brand maximize your audience reach effectively?

It doesn’t matter if you you’re a pet shop in Hoboken New Jersey, Nike, or even Metamucil your audience is on FB and they are watching videos. There are around 8 billion video views on Facebook daily.

With an ever changing platform format, understanding the Facebook’s video distribution is key.

If you share a video that is already up on the internet, say for example a video from your YouTube channel, the audience reach is actually quite low.

Research conducted by SocialBakers tells us that the organic reach of a video post is only 8.7 percent which means only about 9 out of 100 fans get to see said video post.

Sounds low right?

Simply uploading the content directly to Facebook can make all the difference. Doing a direct video post (also known as posting a native video) has risen to some of the top viewed online video content.

SocialBakers’ analysis also shows us that native video uploads to Facebook have surpassed YouTube links and embeds in user news feeds.

This is due in large part to the auto play feature on FB. Auto play on Facebook automatically plays a native video silently while the user scrolls through their news feed.

Another added bonus of posting native videos to Facebook is the call to action.

Use Facebook Video Marketing today.

When the video is done playing, the viewer has two options, to replay or click the call to action button. A CTA is an instruction to the consumer that provokes an immediate response.

Often times a call to action is something along the lines of “learn more” or “buy now”. Further engaging the audience is so important because it drives brand awareness and in turn leads to sales.

A Cisco study projects that by 2019, 80 percent of the world’s internet traffic will be video. Combined with Facebook’s skyrocketing statistics, the marketing path for brands to take is quite clear.

Constant compelling video content is necessary in order to reach the target audience.

Facebook is the leading social media platform, and now is the time to fortify your brand’s online presence with video marketing.

If you’re interested in reading more click here.



A Simple Guide That Will PROTECT Dentists And Orthodontists From Getting Ripped Off.

You’re Getting Bombarded!

We get it…We know you’re bombard daily with people trying to earn your online business. Doctors, Dentist, and Orthodontist are the perfect target.

You have money and can afford to pay online marketing companies a nice chunk of change. Or at least, that is what everyone assumes.

Here is the big tragedy.

Most of you have ended up purchasing a horrible service that will will not get you any results!

It’s not your fault. How are you supposed to know what is working or what isn’t? How are you supposed to know which online marketing company is legit?

Here’s how 95% of online marketing companies work: A pushy salesman presents to you $199 product, you buy it, and you never hear from them again.

This guide is going to help you prevent this from happening. Here are the questions you should ask, and the things you should be doing online.       


When I speak with Dental and Orthodontist Practices, I ask a couple of questions to see if they really are committed to online marketing.

“Do you want to really compete online?”

“Are you dedicated to Online Marketing?”

“Do you want to win?”

If the answer is yes…

“Are you going to back your decision with time and money?”

You either beat the competition or you don’t. Because the best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of google…:)

Nobody visits page 2. So if you decide to play the game, you need to be great at it. A simple $299 service is not going to get you there.

You’re up against guys like this.

The online marketing battle is very competitive and takes a lot of resources. Your website needs to look great, load fast, be mobile friendly, entice users to click, have links, and answer user questions. That is just the beginning. You have YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Content, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, PPC, Email, Links etc.

In the back of this guide, I have provided you with the Ultimate Online marketing Checklist. Go through it and see what you are lacking.

Is online marketing worth it? I’ll let you decide. But know this…Burleson(above) makes about 7 million a year with his practices. 


The lifetime value of a Patient is one of the most important questions you should ask. This will determine your ROI. This will also determine how much you can spend online to obtain a customer.

We know that if a patient has a good experience, statistically speaking they will refer 5 other people. We also know that 18 months after their first visit they will typically return for comprehensive care. 

So how much can you really spend to obtain a customer?

A lot!

Dentists and Orthodontists who understand this concept will not have a problem scaling up their advertising budgets. Everything they spend, will give them a nice ROI.


Social media is one of the best investments you can make for your practice.

We love Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and YouTube ads.

Think about it this way.

Social media has spent billions of dollars to create platforms for advertisers. I can narrow down your target audience to Soccer moms 35 to 40 years within a 10 mile radius of a certain zip code. That’s powerful.

Where else can you put your message in front of your exact target audience in a matter of minutes?

It’s amazing and it is only going to get better. If you are not participating, you will be left in the dust.

Here is a simple Instagram ad we run for our clients. (You can brand this video). It’s simple and very effective. It costs you 4 cents a view.)


Like you, online marketers get paid for their expertise. The good ones, are extremely educated and make a lot of money. They know what works and are results oriented.

If you’re like 99% of Dentists, you have a bunch of different of little web marketing service. A web person, a social media person, a google reviews person, an email person, a content person, etc.

You’re totally comfortable with spending $150 a month for 30 different services. But you can’t bare the thought of cutting a $2500 dollar check to one person who will do it all for you.

Think about it…How much work are you willing to do for a $150 dollars a month? Maybe 20 minutes? That is the amount of time you are going to be allotted.

Do not expect to get results.

In my option, a good Online marketing company will charge you $2500 to $6000 a month depending on what you want done.

**Caution there are a lot of online marketing services that charge huge fees and don’t get results. Just because you pay a lot, doesn’t mean they are giving you a good service. Track their results**


6 Months until you start seeing traction. 1 to 2 years until you start seeing massive results.

This doesn’t mean you will not be getting patients along the way. A lot of times you will see an increase on month 1 but I want to prepare you for the long haul.

A good marketer will win because he outlasts everyone else. It’s hard not to see results right away, but the reward goes to the one who is persistent and patient. So be patient and do not quit too soon.

**A good marketing company will keep you posted every step of the way. You will see a lot of progress. They will track everything and will show you their numbers. Make sure you ask for them.**


This has to be the hardest questions because there are a lot of factors that go into a successful campaign. Here are a couple of things to look for.

  1. Is your website ranking on the first page of Google?
  2. Is your website optimized and user friendly?
  3. Are you getting leads, Patients, and an ROI?
  4. Do you have an Email Marketing Campaign in place?
  5. Is your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, bringing you customers?
  6. Are you having Bi-Monthly marketing meetings?
  7. When you call them, do they pick up the phone? Are they available?
  8. Are they transparent? Do they discuss problems or hide them?
  9. Do patients comment on how effective your advertising is?
  10. Are you making more money?

Online marketing works and will get you massive results if done correctly. Don’t be fooled.

Thanks you for taking the time to reading our Guide. We hope it helps


The Online Marketing Checklist

Website and Setup

  • Website set up and design
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster
  • Google Accounts (youtube pages etc)
  • Google Pages
  • Facebook page
  • Bing Webmaster
  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Adwords
  • Video Ad Campaign Set up
  • Lead Generation System (aweber, mail chimp, infusionsoft)

Month two (Traffic Generation)

  • Video shoot
  • Video Rankings
  • Fiverr Purchase (video ranking only)
  • Start PPC campaigns
  • Testing and optimization of Campaigns
  • Start Testing Facebook Campaign
  • Keyword Research
  • Website SEO (title tags etc)
  • Blog Schedule is set up (3 per week)
  • 100 citations are ordered
  • Order Hoth links ($250 to $350 packages)

Month 3 (email sequence)

  • Blog schedule (3 per week)
  • Create infographic and 1 guide
  • Video Shoot
  • 12 email sequence (
  • Start Retargeting Campagins
  • Slideshare
  • Optimize PPC campaigns

Month 4 (Scaling, adjustments, Monitoring, etc)

  • Buy More Hoth links
  • Create Video 3
  • Create Guides, blogs and infographics according to results


  • Facebook Page Set Up
  • Custom Facebook Cover and Icon (message or great headline)
  • Facebook Ad Set Up
  • Facebook Tracking Pixel on Website
  • Custom Facebook Audience website visitors
  • Create 3 Different Audiences on top of the website Custom Audience
  • Upload any lists. (CRM, Patients, Email Lists etc)
  • Create 3 Ad (1 has to be Dark Post)
  • Create 3 Different Audiences on top of the website Custom Audience
  • 3 custom Facebook Ad Image (1200 x 628)
  • Place conversion pixel

Monthly  Update, Task, and Monitoring

  • Give the client a weekly update on Clicks and traffic
  • Monitor the ads and make adjustments as needed
  • Test and try different images, messages, and audiences
  • Scale up when you hit the sweet spot


  • Instagram Page Set Up
  • Custom Instagram Cover and Icon (message or great headline)
  • Instagram Ad Set Up (have to use power editor)
  • Facebook Tracking Pixel on Website
  • Custom Facebook Audience website visitors
  • Create 3 Different Audiences on top of the website Custom Audience
  • Upload any lists. (CRM, Patients, Email Lists etc)
  • Create 3 Different Audiences on top of the website Custom Audience
  • Create 3 Instagram Ads
  • 3 custom Instagram Image Ad Image (1080 x 1080)

Monthly  Update, Task, and Monitoring

  • Give the client a weekly update on Clicks and traffic
  • Monitor the ads and make adjustments as needed
  • Test and try different images, messages, and audiences
  • Scale up when you hit the sweet spot

o Marketing Package ($1500 a month)

Video Marketing and YouTube

  • YouTube Page Set Up
  • Custom YouTube Cover and Icon (message or great headline. Don’t forget branding)
  • Attach Website to YouTube Channel
  • Link up Analytics and Adwords account to YouTube Channel
  • Upload Video
  • Optimize Video for Keyword (title description tags and fiver gig)
  • Create YouTube Cards, Annotations and Notes on video
  • Create Remarking Audiences in Adwords
  • Place google Analytics pixel on Website and create remarking audiences
  • Create Instream Ad for Placements, Remarketing, Topics and Interests
  • Keywords Research
  • Placements: Search first 5 pages of YouTube for placements
  • Keywords (Display network only)
  • Topics (be very careful on budget with Topics and Interest it can go quick)
  • Interest
  • Remarketing (run video ads to your remarking lists)
  • Place conversion pixel

Monthly  Update, Task, and Monitoring

  • Give the client a weekly update on Clicks and traffic
  • Monitor the ads and make adjustments as needed
  • Test and try different videos, lists, annotations, messages, and audiences
  • Scale up when you hit the sweet spot

Email Marketing Campaign

  • Setup up or use the clients CRM system (infusionsoft, mail chimp, Constant contact etc)
  • Place forms on site
  • Create Lists
  • Create emails
  • 1. Introduction email
  • 2. Soap Opera Sequence
  • 3. Seinfeld Email Sequence
  • Automate delivery

Monthly  Update, Task, and Monitoring

  • Give the client a weekly update on Clicks and traffic
  • Monitor how well the emails are doing and make adjustments as needed
  • Test and try different messages
  • Segment lists for better results.

SEO is a 6 month to a Year Process

  • Make sure blog is set up and are SEO friendly
  • Install right plugins
  • Google Webmaster, Analytics, Bing Webmaster are in place
  • Do Keyword research
  • Create 1 2500+ article 1 time per month
  • Create 1 Blog per week. (more if possible
  • Purchase The Hoth Press Release
  • Purchase the Hoth Guest Post
  • Purchase the Hoth Blitz
  • On Page and Off Page linking
  • Social Media is linked up
  • Post all articles on social media

Monthly  Update, Task, and Monitoring

  • Give the client a weekly update on Clicks and traffic
  • Monitor how well the articles and how rankings are doing
  • Test and try different keywords


312 Leads in 7 Days. Simple Webinar On How We Generate Leads

[Start of video Need more leads? This is The Best 10 Minute Online Marketing Webinar. Join Us!]

[Beginning of recorded material]

Jace: Hey guys Jace over here at Ymarketing. Today we’re going to do a ten-minute presentation to just kind a show you guys, what I like to call the 10 minute Webinar, we’re going to show you guys exactly what we do. I got Wes here, Wes say hi.

Wes: How are you doing?

Jace: Wes is kind of going to go over study we just did for a client. Mainly this webinar is to show you guys a little bit about what we do, how we do it, why it’s effective, and like I said I want this to be about 10 minutes. So, here is a slide.

I did this presentation a couple of weeks ago for a speaking gig. So first of, main thing about most businesses is they have a hard time getting their message out there, they struggle with getting leads, they struggle with getting traffic. And how it all started is basically, let me go to the next, next slide, I can kind of explain. How it all started… So I’m going to explain a little bit about myself. I am obviously a father of four. I started a company called Ydraw while back. Ydraw started the whiteboard animation field. Why from Ydraw we kind of broke Yinc? We noticed there was a lot of people struggling with video ads, video marketing, running traffic, and so we started Ymarketing.

It’s been around a couple of years now. Wes, he is the CMO. He does the kind of, the chief marketing officer, and I basically run the company. Okay, so that’s a little bit about myself. And we will jump right in, keeps coming up on the slides. Okay, so how does everything work? So when we come on board with a company we focus on four main things. Our job is to get your message in front of your audience. If you don’t have a message, that’s where Ydraw comes in place. They will go out there and create your message and tell your story. We like you to show up everywhere. We love YouTube. There is ways you guys could go out there and put your videos in front of your competitors videos, you can go out there and put your message in front of audience who is looking for your product and service. Let’s say they go on YouTube and they search how to change, like a plumber, how to do plumbing on my house? Well if you’re a plumber, if you create video you can run ads there. So we love YouTube marketing, we love Facebook marketing. What we do on Facebook marketing is, we do the same thing. We take your message, we find the target audience, you are going after it and then we will run them ads. Well with that comes PPC pay-per-click. Same idea once again, when people are searching for your product or service we want to pop up. Now a lot of times people aren’t doing YouTube ads. They aren’t doing Facebook ads. They aren’t doing PPC. We kind of have the philosophy that you need to be doing all of it. Now, you might not want to spend as much money on YouTube, as you do PPC or the other way around, it just depends all on your ROI. That’s what we focus on this return on investment. So those are our four core why gave you three, our last one is e-mail marketing. So, when we come on board we like to create e-mail campaigns. So, you want to communicate with your audience that suffers from ADHD. Whenever we create ads, videos, we realize you only have 5 seconds to hook somebody’s interest and 30 seconds till they decide if they’re going to do business with you. So everything we create is engaging, especially on YouTube, especially on Facebook. We want it to grab attention. And if you want you can jump over to our website. We do have our website. I put a link over on the side of this, hanging out where you guys are able to go and up along the top you are going to see a YouTube tab, you are going to see a Facebook tab, you are going to see our e-mail tab, then the PPC, and other things explained, exactly how we do it. There’s a few write-ups, we have blogs, we have, you know, the Yinc University, where you can educate yourself. If you don’t want us to do it, you guys can turn around and do it yourself with our education. Budget killers, I did want to do a word of warning. Most companies fail, because they don’t watch certain things. Budget killers, like I’ve had a lot of clients that come to us and say ‘Hey, we’ve already done YouTube ads. They didn’t work for us.’ Well, I can go through these and realize, hey they’ve messed up. They didn’t watch their budget. They let their ads run on the wrong videos. Same goes with PPC. Same goes with Facebook ads. The reason most people fail is because they don’t pay attention to it, or they don’t know what they’re doing. Okay, if you want to check your ads often, make sure you’re not playing on kids’ videos, make sure you’re shown up in the right spot. Don’t have too broad of an audience, especially on Facebook you can have 20,000,000 if you’d like. You need to be 2,000,000; 200,000; sometimes 15,000. That’s kind of the size you want to look at doing. That’s it. So, here is what I want to do. I want to have Wes, I’m going to bring up his slides. So, main reason for this is to show you a little case study we did for a client. Let me take this out.

Wes: So, as Jace has pulled that up, some of you if you read Jace’s e-mails in the past, some of you might recognize me from the proofreader that got fired. Actually, I am no longer proofreading Jace’s e-mails, but basically what I want to walk you guys through is our last experience with one of our clients. And it was a unique experience in a few ways. And Jace has pulled that up now, but I got a call from this client and they told me ‘Okay, we have a conference in Brazil and we have two weeks to get sign ups. We need help filling the seats.’ So, we said great, we hadn’t advertised in Brazil before, but we knew that YouTube would… Brazil was the second biggest platform for YouTube and Facebook was very popular there. So we could use their same systems, we already had in place. They gave us a $20,000 budget to spend and by the time we worked everything out and got the contract signed, we had about eight days to spend it. So, we were trying to figure out, okay how can we effectively spend this budget in a small amount of time and make sure we are getting called by the leads. What also made this challenging is a qualified lead, meant these people were able to invest about $500,000 into the service. So, it made it, we had to make sure we’re very targeted, well and then to add to it. The first two days we were running ads. Facebook had some issues and we didn’t get it running till about a day and a half in. So that cut our time to six days to generate enough leads to fill all the seats for this conference. Now Jace if you go to the next slide. Basically what we did, we started out, we created 11 campaigns. And the reason we created Olympic campaigns is because we needed to test images, headlines, and as many audiences as we could in a very short amount of time. So, we build them all out at once and started running them. We saw a lot of thing happen, initially we set our budget about $1,000 a day, and we were spending about 300. Facebook would spend as much as it could and stop about 300. And so, it took about three days for us to start hitting our full budget, but as the budget increased we saw better conversion rates and better click rates to the website. In this next slide you are seeing, basically, our most influential ad, where we had just over 14,000 clicks. Our clicks per to the website were 18 cents and this one was interesting thou. Because we went a little bit broader on this, but we did target. Obviously the demographic would really turn the corner for us, because as we are creating these ads we saw, we are obviously seeing a lot of numbers, but we have spent a lot of money and stayed targeted. So, if you go to the next slide would really turn the corner for us. We knew we needed to get to the wealthiest in Saint Paul. So we actually searched the most expensive neighborhoods in Saint Paul and read a few articles and hopped on a few real estate sites to make sure we were finding the most expensive places to live. And then we actually went into Facebook and hit the location from the latitude the longitude and then we’re able to target multiple neighborhoods, multiple wealthy neighborhoods, to generate these high quality leads. We didn’t get as many clicks on those, but the clicks that did come were already high quality in turn to our most qualified leads. The other thing, so Facebook worked out really well for us, once the Facebook allowed us to run our ads. The second thing we did was YouTube. We obviously wanted to hit as many people as we could, but we had a mixture of mattered. So, initially we set our targeting budget at 2 cents a view. So, our first 3,500 views we were getting for 1 cent. Once we’d run out for a day and a half the campaign stopped. So, we bumped up our targeting a little bit higher and then, in the end we ended up giving up just under 80,000 views at 3 cents per view. Our reach was very strong on YouTube and we got really targeted with some placement and different things like that. So, a lot went right, we had some issues, but in the end we ended up generating enough leads to force them to move their conference to, basically they had to move their conference because we generated too many qualified leads for them, to make sure everyone fit.

Jace: And Wes you tell them the number, how many leads did we get? So we got in the 300, what was it?

Wes: We ended up only spending $10,000 of their budget, we got 368 leads and about 100 of them were qualified to invest that much. And so it was huge numbers. We were only hoping to generate about fifty, so we doubled our goal. And what’s great for this client is if they close one of those cells, they made their money back. So, yeah it was a great campaign.

Jace: Yeah like, they’ll make it back five, six, seven, eight times, so that is a good thing. So, and I noticed some of this numbers, I mean 3 cents a view. It’s pretty typical and this is for Brazil. So you do get a little less if you are over in the United States, it’s going to be a little more than 3 cents a view. The biggest thing was, this client came to us. We were on a big crunch, but that’s exactly what we do. We took his message, we ran Facebook ads, we ran YouTube ads and we got him leads. So Yinc, if you guys want to check us out go over to,, just read about what we do. And our whole goal is, we want you guys to get an ROI, we want to run your Facebook ads, we want to run your YouTube ads, and there is all these little things that we know and understand that a lot of other companies don’t. So, if you have questions were around, you can contact Wes. His e-mail is You can always e-mail me at Or just go over and fill out our contact form. That is it. We will be around. Talk to you later. Bye Wes.

Wes: Peace.

[End of recorded material]