12 Most Popular Headlines, Number 7 Surprised Me!

12 Most Popular Headlines, Number 7 Surprised Me!

I LIED! Number 7 did not surprise me, but I bet you wanted to know what it was! The power of headlines, y’all!

I’m sure most of our more “advanced” marketing readers know how important headlines are, but maybe some of you newbies don’t so lemme tell you, they are SUPER IMPORTANT. Like the most important thing.

Your content might be witty and amazing and full of important useful information, but if you don’t have a good headline, no one is going to click on it and read your awesome content.

Your headline is just like your subject line in an email. How are you going to get someone interested in opening your email? How are you going to get people to click on your headline and read your article? It’s psychology, Holmes. most popular headlines yinc

So what does your headline need to do? It really depends on your product and service you are providing to your clients. We like to inject dopamine or cortisol to our clients. Either give them something that makes them stir and want to know more, or give them something that reminds them that they have a problem and they need to fix it ASAP.

Are you a financial service? You might want to go the cortisol route. Add a little stress to your readers about how they probably aren’t doing so hot with their money. They will want to read what tips and tricks you have for them and how they can get back on track with their bills, or investing and preparing for the future.

Are you a food company? Inject dopamine. People love food. Make them need to read that article because you’ve now got them salivating from your headline. Or use a bit of shock and curiosity. Something along the lines of “10 ‘health’ foods that actually cause weight gain. I couldn’t believe number 4.” I don’t know about you, but I CONSTANTLY click on those. I always want to know what number 4 is.

I did a little research and here’s a list of some of the best headlines . Maybe some will relate to you, maybe some wont, but at least you’ll understand what’s being clicked on. If you can take these and apply them to your articles…more power to you!

  1. “They laughed when I sat down at the piano – but then I started to play!”
  2. They grinned when the waiter spoke to me in French – but their laughter changed to amazement at my reply.
  3. Do you make these mistakes in English?
  4. Can You Spot These 10 Decorating Sins?
  5. How a “fool stunt” made me a star salesman
  6. How a strange accident saved me from baldness
  7. Who else wants a screen star figure?
  8. Who else wants a lighter cake – in half the mixing time?
  9. Free to brides – $2 to others
  10. Free to high school teachers – $6 to others
  11. Announcing the new Ford cars for (year)
  12. Are You Ashamed of Smells In Your Home?

Think about your audience. Who is it? What do they want, no what do they NEED? You obviously are in the field that you are in because there was a need that needed to be filled, so remember that. You should know your audience pretty intimately by now, knowing what they like and don’t like, what they need, what information they like to read from you, and more…so remember that when you create a headline. You customer needs you and your information. And you want to give it to them. How are you going to make sure they get it?


5 Video Ads Which Weren’t Created Like Advertisements

5 Video Ads Which Weren’t Created Like Advertisements

There’s a trick to creating videos for advertising, and that’s to not create video ads…create movie shorts.

Reel SEO posted about why videos that weren’t made as advertisements can work so well as advertisements.  I watched their examples and thought ‘Hey, that’s pretty good…Ima write a blog about it.’  So here ya go.

We’re a pretty cynical crowd nowadays. It doesn’t matter if you are the older generation who “used to walk 8 miles in the snow to and from school each day,” or if you are the new generation who has grown up with a cell phone in their hand, we all know when we are being “sold” to.

And we hate it.

It’s the reason we can fast forward television, the reason we don’t stress about being late to the movies–we know the first 15 minutes are going to be local advertisements–the reason we get so angry when YouTube displays an ad that we aren’t able to skip.

You know what ads I skip the least on YouTube? Movie trailers. Why is that? Because they tell stories, because it’s something new–a new movie, a new story–that I haven’t heard or seen yet. And if the trailer is cut correctly, I will sit and watch it because it doesn’t feel like an advertisement to us. It doesn’t feel like we are being sold to, rather, that we are hearing part of a story that we want to hear more of.

This is what we should keep in mind when we create video marketing content. Don’t create marketing content. Create stories. Have good audio. Play on the wide range of emotions we have as humans. Don’t over brand.

#1.  Dumb Ways to Die

The most shared video in the world is a video titled Dumb Ways to Die. It’s a simple song with simple animations of some of the dumbest ways people have died. You don’t know who even created it until the very end, and it was Melbourne Metro. While I’m sure Melbourne Metro has a large number of people who know what it is, I’m sure it wasn’t relevant to the majority of the people who shared and watched the video. But that’s because it wasn’t viewed as an advertisement or a PSA message, it was just a funny video with a funny tune that caught people’s attention. And in fact, accidents and deaths were decreased the following year by 21%. The video came with a game and public ads that led to it being the most shared public service announcement in history.

#2.  LG Meteor Prank

Have you seen the LG Meteor prank? If you haven’t it’s worth watching. Basically a room is set up filled with hidden cameras, and a television is hung behind a desk. However, it’s framed to look like a window and the cityscape is displayed on it. They bring in new people to interview for a “job” and as they are interviewing a meteor cuts into frame and hits the city. After the lights cut out and I can only imagine the individuals are thanking the high heavens they are still alive, the pranksters reveal themselves and the fact that the “window” was just an amazing LG television. Some handled it well, others…did not.

#3. The Red Button (TNT)

Have you seen the red button? Some nice, quiet, little town in Belgium became the scene of an action movie with the click of a little red button that said “push to add drama.” An ambulance shows up, drops the patient, then loses him out the back of the vehicle. A biker runs into the ambulance and starts a fight, there’s a shootout, and at the end an American football team shows up to carry a body back inside a building. At the very end a banner drops that promotes “your daily dose of drama” from the network TNT. Genius.

#4.  Chipotle Scarecrow

Everyone has seen the Scarecrow video for Chipotle, right? It’s beautifully animated and set to Grammy Winning artist Fiona Apple’s “Pure Imagination” a cover of the famous song from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. It didn’t hurt that the video was created by Moonbot Studios, an Academy Award winning studio. This video does everything right. It pulls you in with amazing graphics and an actual story that we all can understand. We all know the horror of our food industry. The way this video plays to our emotions is perfect. It’s not until the very end that you even know that you watched a Chipotle ad. They did everything right.


#5.  GoPro

Firemen and kittens. Is there more of a cliché? Maybe not, but GoPro did it perfect. A camera attached to a fireman inside a burned house, finds a kitten on the floor, unresponsive. He takes the kitten outside and puts an oxygen mask on it and cleans it off with a bottle of water. The whole time we are glued to our computers rooting for that little kitten. And then the cat starts moving and mewing.  I’m not crying, you’re crying.  It tugs on our emotions. And it shows the great thing about a GoPro, you can stick it anywhere and capture amazing moments. At the end of the video the link to two other GoPro videos along with a subscribe. This is a great call to action that the other videos were missing.

All in all, these 5 videos are amazing advertisements because they weren’t created like normal advertisements. You sit and watch them and you don’t feel like you are being sold to. Keep that in mind when you are creating your next video advertisement, don’t create it as an advertisement, create it like a short video.

10 Ways to Win on YouTube This Year

10 Ways to Win on YouTube This Year

YouTube is the second largest search engine.  Start using it correctly and win big this year.

ReelSEO posted how to properly set up a YouTube series. Here are the 10 ways you will win on YouTube according to them. 

1. Shareability

Make videos that connect to your audience on an emotional level. Give your videos value. Make sure they are related to topics that are important and people want to know about. Make sure they are something people are going to want to share with others. Something they find informative or funny, or better yet, both!

2.  Conversation

Internet users want conversation. Make sure you allow conversations, either on separate social media platforms or on your YouTube channel. Give users an area to talk about what they just watched or ask further questions. Make sure you can respond or others can answer their questions.  Make sure they feel heard and you’ll win their praise.

3. Interactivity

Be sure to give your viewers a voice. Ask them what they want. Do challenges they pose or informative videos based on what they would like to learn about from your company. This relates back to conversation. Give them a place to interact with you and then listen!  Develop a rapport with them.  Take a tip from Charlie Sheen today and start #winning with your audience.10-ways-to-win-with-youtube

4.  Consistency

Let viewers know what to expect and when to expect it. The most successful people put out videos once a week on the same day of the week.  Make sure you have a schedule in everything that you do with your company, your videos shouldn’t be any different. Make sure you have a consistent personality and voice in your videos. The same goes for formatting. Stay the same, or get better with your videos.

5.  Targeting

Make sure you are targeting and using YouTube analytics or a third party analytic platform. You need to be targeting viewers on a video-to-video as well as channel and show basis.

6.  Sustainability

This also goes with consistency. You need to be able to sustain certain levels within your videos. If you created a high quality with your first video, you don’t want your second video to look like someone recorded it off of an old iPhone. Make sure that you will have access to the same things or better things with your future videos.

7.  Discoverability

Your content must be searchable. You either need to focus on keywords that are popular right now, whatever is trending, or you need to focus on what are called “evergreen” terms. Evergreen terms are content that is always searchable and available to viewers. With the Internet saturated in videos, you need to make sure you are popping up first, and with the perfect keywords for your viewers and buyers.

8.  Accessibility

Each of your videos should be able to standalone outside of your series. The less context that is needed for each of your videos the more likely the viewers are going to come back. They will want to know what you have coming next week. They don’t want to have to go through your whole series to understand what you are talking about.

9.  Collaboration

Work with other content producers that are in your demographic if you can! You can gain new people that are interested in your product or company and you can cross promote. This can be a great thing to do with others, just make sure they are willing to promote you just as well. You want to make sure you will get just as much out of this as collaboration as they do.

10.  Inspiration

Be sure you are passionate about what you’re creating. It will help you keep up with the day to day menial tasks that we are forced to do. If you have a drive or passion for what you are doing, it will make these tasks seem less cumbersome and easier to do.

11. I’m adding in an eleventh.

Be authentic. Your audience will know if you aren’t being true to yourself. They are great at telling when someone is faking their way through something. So unless you are an Oscar winning actor, make sure you believe in what you are saying. Don’t endorse a product, opinion, or idea just because they are popular.


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Holding Your Audience’s Attention

Holding Your Audience’s Attention

Attention is one of the biggest problems we have as a society today.  But a great video will fully captivate your audience’s attention.

How often is your attention given fully to just one thing? When was the last time you wrote an email or read a book and didn’t have music or the television playing in the background? When you sit in front of the television, do you just sit and watch, or do you check your phone or play on your laptop, maybe both? It’s probably most of the time.

It’s rare that one thing holds our full attention, it’s usually always divided. Think about the last time something actually did hold your full attention. Wasn’t it something really amazing? Usually when something enraptures our attention, we want to know more.

So, how do we get our viewers full attention? You give them something amazing. A whiteboard animation video does just that. When did you first see a whiteboard animation video? Have you? If not, I’m not sure how you made it to this blog…but check them out on our YouTube. They are pretty cool if I do say so myself.

I remember the first time I saw a whiteboard animation. It was an explanation about Schrödinger’s Cat. It was incredibly basic and they used stick figures. But I remember thinking how nice it was to have something like a paradox explained visually. It was much easier to comprehend. My attention was grasped, and held.

Now, the first time I found quality whiteboard videos was even better. I remember finding Ydraw and just sitting on YouTube for probably an hour watching all of their content. I’m not sure if it was the artist in me, the film student, or just the fact that these are such a genius way to market things, but they definitely had my full attention.

I wasn’t even in the market for a whiteboard video and I found myself on their website, reading the blog, finding competitors, and pricing things out.hold-audience-attention

Just last week I was talking to one of my friends about what I do and about whiteboard animation videos. I pulled one of them up to show him, and we continued to have our conversation as he watched. About 30 seconds later someone asked him a question and he didn’t answer them. I realized I had basically been talking to myself ever since I turned on that video. He had to apologize to the other person, saying that he was so into the video he wasn’t paying attention to anything else.

So, give your audience something great. Give them an amazing image that they are drawn to. Give them a great script that explains your product or company. Leave them wanting to know more and then give them somewhere to find more! Create quality content so each time they click somewhere new, they find new great information. Give the people what they want.

This is how you can gain an audiences attention. Show them something refreshing and new. With a video scribing video, you can do that. Ydraw is the best in the business with great pricing. Give them a clean, creative whiteboard animation video, or an interactive 2D or 3D video. Give them something that makes them seek out more, and what’s an easier way than with an interactive video?

6 Ways to be More Productive in the New Year

6 Ways to be More Productive in the New Year

Be more productive this year and take that “Queen B” title…or King…

I mean, I don’t even like Beyonce, but the girl is on top of things.

1. Zero Your Inbox

Emails come in all day and all night long. Emails don’t take evenings or weekends off. In the New Year check your emails when they role in but only to make sure they aren’t urgent. Once you’ve read them and realized they aren’t, keep them in your inbox until you are in the office, then handle whatever they are concerning. Once you’ve taken care of the task within the email, file the email away into a folder. Leaving you with a clean and clear inbox. Using your email as a to-do list will allow you to be more productive this new year.

2. Take the Nights Off

Like I said earlier, make sure your emails aren’t urgent and then let them sit for the night. You can actually become more productive when you force yourself to get your work done in the office. When you allow yourself to work at home you tend to be distracted and take longer to accomplish tasks. This causes you to spend less time with your family or resting which then can cause distractions at the office.

3. Use Your Phone

We live in a world of texting and emails. Start using your phone for what it was made for, pick it up and call your clients. You can get your point across more accurately and articulately when you make a phone call. You might think sending a quick email will be faster, but certain things aren’t the easiest to convey over text and that can lead to confusion between you and your client, which can lead to more emails and an inevitable phone call anyway.

4. Work Offline

Turn off your Wi-Fi. Of course some things you will need the Internet for, but if you’re editing photos or writing blogs or a novel or doing anything that you don’t need the Internet for, turn it off. Better yet, work on a computer that doesn’t connect to the Internet. This will allow you less distractions and more focus on your work, making you more productive.

5. Time Management

There are a million books on time management, I suggest reading some. Chris Hardwick, one of the busiest men in entertainment, once talked about how he learned time management on his podcast, The Nerdist. He read a ton of books and has an assistant, but the short version is to set a timer and time how long it takes you to do tasks. Then the next time you do the same task, try to beat that original time. Make sure you don’t get distracted by other things. You will want to time yourself doing only the task you have set, not anything else and no other distractions.

6. Checklists

Start each morning with a meeting with yourself. Create your to-do list with your priority tasks first, and the rest lower on the list. You never know what you’ll receive throughout the day that needs to be done immediately and will take most of your day away, so get your priorities right and done first. This will allow you to accomplish things quickly and wont push you into working after hours to accomplish those priority tasks you neglected.