YouTube SEO Ranking $44 - 1000

For those who need not only to increase the views as efficiently as possible but also to advance on certain key phrases. We have created a YouTube SEO package. Here's how it works.

The real user goes first to the Youtube search, then enters in one of the key phrases you set, then searches the list for Your video and clicks on it to view. Thereby increasing the position of your video in the Youtube search.

- Any list of keywords with the theme of your video
- Instant start (5-10 minutes)
- Up to 75 000 impressions and views of one video per day
- Russia 65% / CIS-35%
- Source of traffic to Youtube statistics - the external sources or the address bar of the browser
- Videos are played in the browsers of real users of our affiliate program
- 100% lifetime warranty against decommissioning views

The average retention for 4-5 minutes
- Specify one keyword
1 = 1000
2 = 2000
10 = 10,000

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