“Content creates conversations…Conversations creates customers…Customers creates companies”

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1. Simple Clean Website

   – Headline: Clear message of what you do and how you help your customers
   – Subheadline: Success they will achieve by using your product or service
   – Call to action
   – Offer something of value to capture leads
   – Social Proof – Testimonials
   – Lead Capture Form
   – Video
“Track Everything. Google Analytics is FREE and it’s all you will ever need”

2. Create An Email Campaign For Leads

– Give Value in each email
– Use simple text format
– Automate the process and follow up
“The Money is in the list.”

3. Send Traffic To Your Site

-Identify your target audience
-Buy Social Media Ads
-Buy Youtube Video AD
-Buy Native Ads

4. Follow up, Follow up, and follow up

“Your leads will need 6 to 12 touches maybe more.
– Give them a Free Trial
– Keep your Leads coming back with remarketing campaigns, (both video and display)
– Call them
– Text them
“If you want to accelerate growth, call your leads within 3 minutes”

5. Rinse, Repeat, and Scale

– Invest your Revenues Back Into Traffic
– Buy influence
– Adjust email campaigns to increase engagement
– Test different audiences and Ads
– Perfect your online marketing system
“Don’t quit too soon. It takes work. An Online Marketing Campaign will work for you 24/7…nobody else will.”